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Monthly Flying Star June 2012

Come 5 June, we shall be moving into the Month of Bing Wu (丙午) and here is the upcoming chart.

This month many sectors won’t be good.

SE, S and NW are badly affected.

These sectors should not be used for healing & if there are sick people living in these rooms, move them out temporarily.

NW sector has the danger of Fire hazard moving from the North sector in May. Note that this is already summer month and in most country weather is very hot. This will definately increase the chance of Fire hazard.

Facing South houses not advisable to commence moving in. Same goes for businesses.

Even Bazi can be read on a month to month basis, if you want to know more email to

For a more precise understanding, your house natal chart is required.


How to help a Bad Bazi?

This time my chosen topic is “Is there are way to help Bad Bazi other than using Feng Shui?”

My thinking is Yes and No. Why?

In Bazi Chart you always divide into 3 components. Heaven, Earth and Man. Here I attach a typical Bazi or Phat Chee Chart.

If the the problems comes from the Heavenly Stem then only He can help you or you just have to wait for the Right Timing. It is the part of Destiny that was handed to one since birth. So no matter what you do you just cannot avoid this part by our actions.

If the problem comes from Earthly Branches, then managing or changing a person’s character can help. There is a saying that “Character is Destiny”. This statement is true if you look from the point of view of what one can do. This is where the a visit to the Self improvement sections of the book stores or Personality or Anger Management or self awareness program will do the difference. Having said this, of course we as the person has to work on it and please allow time for changes to take place. Persistence and patience is what is required.

When we have the ‘right’ character we can alter the outcome. Having said this, many find that this is the most difficult part of the task. Most people will give up or revert back to their original character when under stress. So how can one change his/her destiny if the character is not ‘supportive’? It is going to be one hell of a bumpy ride isn’t it. But still possible! Effort x Time x Desire !!

And if Hidden stem is the issue, you will have to re-program your subconcious mind. Positive self talk, attending motivational seminars, hynoptism, meditation and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) are some things you can do to improve your life. This is where preventive maintenance kicks in. Why Preventive? they are your hidden problems awaiting to explode. If you correct it now, when it happens it will have minimal effects on you. Get it?

So the answer is really Yes and No when it comes to correct a Bad Bazi. Only You may manage/alter your destiny, not your spouse, your boss, your teacher nor your parents. So please don’t blame them for everything.

It is only your own desire to change and make a difference in this lifetime. Indeed life is a journey and not blocks of milestones or KPIs.

Isn’t knowing your bazi important? How do you improve if you don’t know the problems or where they are coming from?

Next post, I will share what is called the Useful God and why is it important to your life for there is where the solution is!.


Why sometimes Bazi fail to correct Destiny

When people come for Bazi readings, they leave with suggestions and nodded they knew what to do to improve their lives. Some go on to make those changes and see improvements …while some just won’t do anything after they leave.

So one must understand that the components of a Bazi Chart comprise from Heaven, Earth, Man. It just simply says Man can alter the course of his destiny to some degree. I am not saying it will be easy or quick, I am suggesting it is possible.

The question is, Are You willing? If not, then you will just allow the Heaven Part ie your destiny to unfold. Fine if it is good but what if it’s on the other side?

To assist you, Bazi can help you identify the path of least resistance and also provide you with glimpse of what is expected ahead so you may cushion the bad effects or take full advantage of good opportunities.

Apart from having your Bazi read, you must work on yourself…take Actions and the right Actions so you may see the results faster and easier.

What are the right Actions? That depends on your bazi. It can be making more decisions or just Do IT!

Get dressed, get dirty, get into Actions…..Have a great week ahead!

Feng Shui

House Feng Shui: Why is it so important?

There have been so much talk about Feng Shui of  the  house. I would like to share a real story from one of my audit I have done many years ago. Names have been altered to maintain privacy.

This client of mind, Mr A was doing fine till the bought a house 4 years before he consulted me. He did extensive renovation on that house and extended the front part of the house.

4 years down the road, his career suffered from all kinds of problems. Bad working relations at work, the boss wasnt supportive and lots of politicking. As a result of this, he suffered from long term depression and stress turning him to suffer from mental disorder.

That house was broken in twice and each time they lost some fair bit despite the fact they had alarm system.

So when I was at the house, before even using the loupan, the house is obviously not a good house from the built up of that house.

After measuring & plotting the chart, it becomes obvious that the house is taking in Bad Energy. Then I cross reference back to their Bazi/Phat Chee, they seems to be going thru average luck only.

So what is wrong with the house?

Firstly, the door was in the bad location & this is a real bad door and all kind of obstacles.

Then the bedroom was in the robbery sector, so how can that be good?

What makes it worse is that this the 2 areas that they spent most of their time in the house.

What is the take home point?

1. House feng shui involves the take in of energy and if it takes in good or auspicious energy then the occupants will benefit.

2. House feng shui takes time to effect especially when it doesnt have the strength from date selection. Now the danger is here, it “eats” into you inch by inch day after day…..the effect takes in so minute that you probably will not notice it within a short period of time.

3. It exist! so for those skeptics out there, apart from having a good set of destiny chart or bazi, having good feng shui is equally important. They both aggregate to make the you today…for good or for worse.

Part 2…i will share a little about the remedy and solution…and what happened to him.


Bazi of Xin Mao Year 2011…

I was talking to some friends and some of them has asked me to comment on this year’s Bazi or Phat Chee after watching some local masters commented in local TV network.

The general comments are Good for Metal and Wood industries while Bad for Water and Earth Industries while Fire is on the average.

The year of Xin Mao (Metal Rabbit) is as follows: I have inserted a English Version for the benefit of the English Speaking Audience.

I will put a few comments across with a little more depth.

1. Overall Wealth Outlook this Year – Competition will be stiff across business for the bulk of the year. Towards year end, say Q4, new talents and new knowledge will surmount or new breakthrough will emerge and once again the general economies/business will be stable but incomes will be average.

Industries will realign themselves either via M&A or Buy out or even out of business for some but the long term benefit will be good.

Summarizing this year will be turbulent year but a year that will end well in general.

2. Overall Human Relations – This is a year of new meetings, meaning to say is that there will be new friendships after disputes and once the the friendship is formed they will be noble. Unlikely to have many spectactular talents coming. 

3. Hidden Agendas –  This year likely more freedom to work things out, perhaps more relaxation of trade barriers, bosses tend to be more willing to delegate?

Ok, I will pen up to here…when I have more time, we can review month to month the events…keep coming back for more updates…


Bazi and Year of the Metal Rabbit

When the year is near, most book stores in Asia will be filled with predictions for the 12 Zodiac animals. The reason I don’t do general predictions is because, this belongs to the old school of astrology bazi reading where the year pillar is used as reference.

Then the Gods and Killings will come in predicting what will be the overall fortune for those born in the year Rat, Rabbit etc…

Bazi reading (Phat Chee) or Destiny anaylsis has evolved in the era of Xu Zi Ping where he used the Day Pillar as reference and also dropped the use of Gods and Killings stars for reading.

ZiPing Bazi system of reading is more logical and accurate since with the rearrangement, you will find the huge possibilities of combination that relates better to reality.

It cannot be that everyone born in the year of Metal Rabbit will suffer or enjoy the same fate!. Bazi is an analogy like DNA of humans which is unique and not generalized to for example  by blood group.

So to know what is installed for YOU, you need a personalize Bazi Reading. As I mentioned before, you must have the right destiny chart and with good feng shui to support and do the right actions, life will surely be fruitful and noble.

Nonetheless, being a Metal Rabbit year, this year will be a year of surprises, a year of opposition and especially for the agro and mining industries.

I wish all Chinese celebrating A Happy Chinese Rabbit Year.