How to help a Bad Bazi?

This time my chosen topic is “Is there are way to help Bad Bazi other than using Feng Shui?”

My thinking is Yes and No. Why?

In Bazi Chart you always divide into 3 components. Heaven, Earth and Man. Here I attach a typical Bazi or Phat Chee Chart.

If the the problems comes from the Heavenly Stem then only He can help you or you just have to wait for the Right Timing. It is the part of Destiny that was handed to one since birth. So no matter what you do you just cannot avoid this part by our actions.

If the problem comes from Earthly Branches, then managing or changing a person’s character can help. There is a saying that “Character is Destiny”. This statement is true if you look from the point of view of what one can do. This is where the a visit to the Self improvement sections of the book stores or Personality or Anger Management or self awareness program will do the difference. Having said this, of course we as the person has to work on it and please allow time for changes to take place. Persistence and patience is what is required.

When we have the ‘right’ character we can alter the outcome. Having said this, many find that this is the most difficult part of the task. Most people will give up or revert back to their original character when under stress. So how can one change his/her destiny if the character is not ‘supportive’? It is going to be one hell of a bumpy ride isn’t it. But still possible! Effort x Time x Desire !!

And if Hidden stem is the issue, you will have to re-program your subconcious mind. Positive self talk, attending motivational seminars, hynoptism, meditation and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) are some things you can do to improve your life. This is where preventive maintenance kicks in. Why Preventive? they are your hidden problems awaiting to explode. If you correct it now, when it happens it will have minimal effects on you. Get it?

So the answer is really Yes and No when it comes to correct a Bad Bazi. Only You may manage/alter your destiny, not your spouse, your boss, your teacher nor your parents. So please don’t blame them for everything.

It is only your own desire to change and make a difference in this lifetime. Indeed life is a journey and not blocks of milestones or KPIs.

Isn’t knowing your bazi important? How do you improve if you don’t know the problems or where they are coming from?

Next post, I will share what is called the Useful God and why is it important to your life for there is where the solution is!.

4 thoughts on “How to help a Bad Bazi?”

  1. Dear Sir
    Was really sad when told of this young child. Was trying to find help online and chance upon your website. So, without hesitation, I posted a Q yesterday on her bazi after reading about your article on “How to help a bad Bazi”.
    The family knows the readings of this bad bazi chart for this young child. But need help and solution to protect this child. If you can Master, please tell this family what they can do to help this girl dob 18-8-00 dragon year dragon hour. Was told she will meet evil people and particularly male friends who are bad. Time is running out as it is 2014 now and just learnt about it. If no help, her school years and career will be ruined since her decade 2014-2023 & 2024-2033 affected and no good for her.
    Please kind Sir, if you will, please offer advice on what remedies they can use to prevent danger from happening to this poor child. She is said to be very talented and it is so painful to know the danger she will face if no one helps. Is there anything she should wear to protect evil and danger from trying to go near her? What feng shui can the family use in the home and her bedroom to help her ward off this danger and evil people.
    I thank you gratefully Master in advance to offer advice and remedies for them to protect this innocent child.


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