Monthly FengShui

Monthly Flying Star April 2012

Here is the April Chart which begins on the 4th April.

SE sector is the worst this month. If your door is in this sector, hang a wind chime outside.

East is most favourable.

2 thoughts on “Monthly Flying Star April 2012”

  1. Alan,

    We always starts Tiger month in Jan? starting which date?
    then Feb – Rabbit month? which date start? where we go find out?
    Dragon month only starts on the 4th April? then why April 1 is call tripple daragon day?


    1. Tiger month normally starts in Feb 4 or 5th. Yes dragon months starts 4 Apr.
      To find out actually you can refer to the 10k Year Calendar. It will show when exactly each month starts in which year.
      Seriosly, I have no idea why some people call 1 Apr triple dragon day but i know of some masters who starts their year after winter soltice.
      Different folks, different strokes.


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