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House Feng Shui: Why is it so important?

There have been so much talk about Feng Shui of  the  house. I would like to share a real story from one of my audit I have done many years ago. Names have been altered to maintain privacy.

This client of mind, Mr A was doing fine till the bought a house 4 years before he consulted me. He did extensive renovation on that house and extended the front part of the house.

4 years down the road, his career suffered from all kinds of problems. Bad working relations at work, the boss wasnt supportive and lots of politicking. As a result of this, he suffered from long term depression and stress turning him to suffer from mental disorder.

That house was broken in twice and each time they lost some fair bit despite the fact they had alarm system.

So when I was at the house, before even using the loupan, the house is obviously not a good house from the built up of that house.

After measuring & plotting the chart, it becomes obvious that the house is taking in Bad Energy. Then I cross reference back to their Bazi/Phat Chee, they seems to be going thru average luck only.

So what is wrong with the house?

Firstly, the door was in the bad location & this is a real bad door and all kind of obstacles.

Then the bedroom was in the robbery sector, so how can that be good?

What makes it worse is that this the 2 areas that they spent most of their time in the house.

What is the take home point?

1. House feng shui involves the take in of energy and if it takes in good or auspicious energy then the occupants will benefit.

2. House feng shui takes time to effect especially when it doesnt have the strength from date selection. Now the danger is here, it “eats” into you inch by inch day after day…..the effect takes in so minute that you probably will not notice it within a short period of time.

3. It exist! so for those skeptics out there, apart from having a good set of destiny chart or bazi, having good feng shui is equally important. They both aggregate to make the you today…for good or for worse.

Part 2…i will share a little about the remedy and solution…and what happened to him.

2 thoughts on “House Feng Shui: Why is it so important?”

  1. Allan,

    My life is in a big mess, anyway to give me a hand thr fengshui?

    Personal life : My husband left me ( May 2010 ) We always have our share of disagreement, somehow this time was like huge fight where he walk out & never returns.

    I used to be a working personnel but becos my work was also very stress, I gave up in 2007 to spent more quality time at home. I also wanted to start a family.

    Becos of the constant quarrelling, I decided to go back to work, I worked for 1 year and left. Ever since I left my job in 2009, the 2 job I took up, I cant seems to stay. Either the job I really dun like or the environment really cant tke the politically gossips in the environment.

    Is fengshui able to see what happen to my family? Am I in a bad Qi house?
    I need to be able to go back to work and provide for myself .


  2. Hi Lucy,
    Feng Shui is the balancer in life. Surely some people when reading their bazi is difficult because the house feng shui has changed their life. A simple analogy is that when you soak in a bath of tonic even a weak body can be strong. If a person soaks himself in a sewage water, a strong body in no time will also fall sick.
    How long have you since stayed in that house?


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