Why sometimes Bazi fail to correct Destiny

When people come for Bazi readings, they leave with suggestions and nodded they knew what to do to improve their lives. Some go on to make those changes and see improvements …while some just won’t do anything after they leave.

So one must understand that the components of a Bazi Chart comprise from Heaven, Earth, Man. It just simply says Man can alter the course of his destiny to some degree. I am not saying it will be easy or quick, I am suggesting it is possible.

The question is, Are You willing? If not, then you will just allow the Heaven Part ie your destiny to unfold. Fine if it is good but what if it’s on the other side?

To assist you, Bazi can help you identify the path of least resistance and also provide you with glimpse of what is expected ahead so you may cushion the bad effects or take full advantage of good opportunities.

Apart from having your Bazi read, you must work on yourself…take Actions and the right Actions so you may see the results faster and easier.

What are the right Actions? That depends on your bazi. It can be making more decisions or just Do IT!

Get dressed, get dirty, get into Actions…..Have a great week ahead!

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