Feng Shui Questions Answered 01


Two years I have ask a feng shui master to do an audit for my house and read my personal life.  I was born in May 01, 1977.
He told me, my best facing direction is S, N, SW, NE. However, I went to few feng shui store n read few book from different author n discover that my best facing  direction is NE, SW, W, NW. I very confuse right now cause I’m in the middle looking for open my second store and trying to finding the facing direction that’s match my personal facing direction.  Can you please clarify this for me.  Your help is really appreciated.


My Answer :

Here we have to first understand the methodology he uses before we can say for sure. If we see it from the 8 Mansion Feng Shui point of view, you belong to Ming Gua 2 (I have assumed that you are Male), then your favourable directions are NE, SW, W, NW because you belong to the West Group People.

But you have said that he told you S, N, SW,NE which is a little confusing. I hope it is not typo error. If he was using 8 Mansions system, then the East Group People would have their favourable directions as N,S,SE,E.

8 Mansion school is not a real full fledged Feng Shui system but nonetheless a popular, easy one to perform and learn. Still there are many variations of 8 Mansion practice. Some uses the House Gua to perform the Feng Shui while others uses Ming Gua.

However, you will have to know exactly what method or branch of Feng Shui School he is from before we can comment. Otherwise it is not possible for me to comment as each system has their own rules and ways. Perhaps there could be more than 1 system that he had used. New age thinking: The more the better, cover all bases.!

From the San Yuan point of view, facing & sitting of the property is more important. Ming Gua of a person has, of course a consideration to the Feng Shui of the property. Also not forgetting our environment which does has a significance to the strength of the Feng Shui.

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