Feng Shui

Bonus Year End Flying Star Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…

We shall add on 3 additional case studies as Bonus material for Year End Flying Star Course.

These Case studies demonstrates how to link Flying Star feng shui into Real life Case.

1. Case Study on A Factory that was Robbed – This case just happened recently and how and why it all happened during that particular timing. What several factors combined to give that effect. How we pin pointed that room?

2. An Outskirt Hotel doing well – Why despite it’s location the Hotel continue to flourish and have good staffs till today (2012) ? It has a  7 7 at the sitting sector.

3. A house Feng Shui by 2 famous masters but still the owner faced business failure and lawsuit in 4 years. – What was the reason they did not get it right and how using Wu Chang Flying star to explain the failure and outcome of the changes?

The Best investment You will make for 2013!

Email: Fengshuimastery@hotmail.my

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