Highlights of 2012 I-Ching Conference in Singapore

The 2 days was well spent in helping to promote the study of Traditional I-Ching. Here many Master of their Respective field was here to present their research and share their experience with all of us. In fact, I found that there are so many things to learn from them but most of all is the philosophy of life and the rich experiences they bring along.

No books can ever teach you the experiences they have gather over the many years being a “人”.

You can also feel the strong atmosphere of cooperation where they do no call themselves San He or San Yuan but collectively under the auspicious of I-Ching Study. The Tao of Respect is prevailing at all times.

Many interesting topics were presented but the one that was very interesting was the Feng Shui Lo Pan by Master Stephen Skinner, the only westerner in a Chinese speaking Conference, 2 Face reading by both Master Chen, The corelation between Maths and I Ching, San He 8 killing methods, Talisman method, Feng Shui Case Study of 2 factories in China and of course San Yuan QMDJ.

The next conference will be in China, Yan Bian a beautiful place overlooking 3 countries. See you there!


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