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Feng Shui Audit Advice: Part 2 – The Formulas


In this second advice that he dispensed to the students, he mentioned that the compilation of almost 1000 formulas in the Feng Shui and that one should never rush his consultant or master for a diagnosis.

Usually, you will find the San Yuan, San He, Bazhai, Dong Gong Date selection, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Dragon 8 Gate etc…in practice.

This problem causes confusion to the students.

  • What if Formula A says good while Formula B says bad? Which one do you follow?
  • Why using 1 formula is inadequate to tell the house?
  • Do you use formula A for external while formula B for internal of the house and Formula C for placing the stove?
  • Is more the merrier?

I think the more formula, the more is the confusion as well.

So guys….I call this the Mix and Match System. I would suggest that if the 1 feng shui system cannot tell the house, then something is not right. Perhaps it sells better in a package as students will like it for the fees that they have paid for. Really I think today’s “Feng Shui practioners” are creative people, masters of packaging…

I advocate the One System! One system is enough to tell you what will happen in the house and precribe the solution.

the one system

While I agree that one should not rush the consultants for a solution but yet authentic feng shui practitioners can already tell about the house by the first few minutes of the audit.

Just the last Feng shui course, by day 4, when we were at the office of 1 of the student on a live audit, students can already tell a couple of things about the Feng Shui of the office and what will happen and even which staff will give the most problem.

Why would you need a few days to come back to the client to tell about the office? One should be able to tell something after a while. It all depends on the depth of one system and not the breath.

If you really want to help your clients, please do them a favor, get the right depth!. The One System.

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