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Now..Great Opportunity to those who really want to learn what is really Feng Shui…

Come join us for eye opening course on Flying Star Feng Shui as taught by Master Francis Leyau with 40 years of Feng Shui Experience and also the 4th Generation of Tan Yang Wu’s WuChang lineage.

This is the course for those who are dead serious about the real Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui knowledge.

Flying Star Feng Shui is a powerful method for Yang Zhai or Living houses and just a single method can change the fate of it’s occupants. One pure method from proven lineage is good enough to improve your life whether is Health, Wealth or even Relationship.

The one thing unique about our students is that they hardly participate in forums because forums is for those still searching for answers. They have found them here!

To be a good feng shui consultant, one needs to have the right & proven teachings as carried down by the generations of masters, without this sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t and hence they start to introduce more methods to justify the missing link.

Be different, Be Correct with Central Academy of Feng Shui.

Some of the key topics are :

  1. Early Heaven Bagua – how did Fuxi created it & it’s important implication to Feng Shui.
  2. Xuan Kong Landforms
  3. San Ban Gua
  4. Castle Gate
  5. Combination of Ten
  6. Fan Yin Fu Yin Houses
  7. Imprisonment of Star & how to overcome it.
  8. Replacement Star – the real knowledge
  9. 7 Star Robbery
  10. Castle Gate – The real method of Castle gate activation
  11. Xuan Kong Water Method
  12. Stove placement method
  13. Door Tilting – fate changing method.
  14. Method of activation and cures.
  15. 2 sets of Void Lines San Yuan Feng Shui
  16. San Yuan Date Selection Method – the solution to avoiding disaster.
  17. 81 Combination according to YiJing
  18. Compartmentalize – the ultimate method of Xuan Kong Flying Star.
  19. Method of predicting events.

~ * ~

If you are looking for a Feng Shui that is Real, Works and Proven by our Lineage Masters, this is the place.

No gimmick, no heavy ads as we are confident it works.

Cheapest and most affordable course!  Cannot believe it? Write to me!

To meet is Affinity, To learn the correct skills is your Karma.

If in your life time of learning Flying Star Feng Shui you have not gotten the answer & your “millionaire program” has failed you, this course is your hope. Know it before you pass on this life.


Bonus: Outdoor site tours and student house discussion. This is at the discretion of Instructor depending on external and time factors.

For Case Study, please go to Categories under Case Study for more articles.

Graduating Class of Dec 2012
For those who want to learn the secret techniques of flying star under the lineage of the Feng Shui Greats like Zhang Zhong Shan and Jiang Da Hong, I would strongly recommend this ancient knowledge to you. It is not the ordinary flying stars as taught in books . This course contains many secret techniques (not revealed in books) which are only taught to those under this school and lineage. Thanks to GM Francis Leyau and Master Alan Chong for teaching this course.


~ * ~

Long time ago I started a Feng shui way.

This is a path that bring me to know 100 master and different schools of thoughts.
All of the schools have some secrets and all of the school have some hidden points that when you arrive to practical use
nobody explain you what to do…. Bcus is only theoretical Feng shui and those master never practice before.

My experiences in the course with Alan was amazing he explain very detailed with a lot of examples and a lot of ideas
he is not hidding any secret and goes deep into situation that other master avoid to go
for example ” how many star in the same room” how to approach a one small room apartment, etc

Also is interesting how he explain classics and how to review some foundation.
Some times a basic foundation explain in different way bring new knowledge and new way for the interpretation of feng shui.

Dear Alan please go ahead with the school and please b sure that the time in your school is high value for me and futures generation of people that will attend your course.

Alex S. Costa

~ * ~

Master Alan, first I would like to thank you for the 4 days course, the way you teach was easy to follow and understand. Never before I would think I can remember the 81 combination. I can also see my house from the combinations easily. The case study was also good. I can now understand how actually feng shui is really done. Again Big Thank you Master!

Peter Ong

~ * ~

Alan Chong Feng Shui Flying Star programme is really mind blowing. The “wow” factor is the integration of various theories and concepts studied earlier and how it is applied as we journeyed into a famous shopping mall , students’ double storey terrace house and an apartment. At one goal, the complexity of apartment audit is now crystal clear as opposed to various theories derived from other sources. He is able to provide evidential occurrence as to whether the methodology taught is proven correct as he juxtaposition the “81 combinations” to the respective sectors or palaces of the flying star chart.. Not only is he able to diagnose the negative symptoms but he is able to offer practical “classical” solutions to the problem.
By using his “enhanced” luopan, Alan is able to lead us to new ways of thinking and simplified the whole horrendous ordeal of plotting the flying star chart. The systematic and visual imaging methods not only improve one’s method of remembering the technicalities of the contents but makes the training fun.

From the personal perspective , Alan Chong is very generous in divulging all information relating to the course. He is able to add value by providing additional information and “secrets” that is not listed in the course syllabus. Depending on the situation, he is willing to extend the time duration beyond what is prescribed in the course outline. His patience to slow learners is awesome as he ensure that everyone follow the course.
Following the reasoning of Jonathan Rottenberg, I do agree that Alan’s training makes me uneasy as the practical session is the hardest part of this training but it ends with a happy mystery!
Perhaps, Alan is practicing what Orson Scott Card said “ The essence of training is to allow error without consequence”
YY Yee (KL)
First and foremost, I would like to thank Alan for teaching me Flying Star Feng Shui. I started off with zero knowledge of Feng Shui but after 4 days, I can plot Flying Star charts now and apply it into my own room and house ! …
Out there, the are plenty of different Feng Shui Schools but I would definitely recommend CAFS as the starting ground to learn the right way in applying Flying Star Feng Shui because Alan really spent time in explain the logic and reasoning behind certain principles of Feng Shui which other Feng Shui masters would most likely leave you hanging.
The last day of the course, we visited 3 places (1 Apartment, 1 House and 1 Shopping Mall) and it was great to see how theories of Feng Shui can be translated into practice. Most importantly, Alan also taught me how to use the lou pan correctly, when I had troubles finding the Facing and Sitting of the house and also on holding the lou pan correctly (lol).
All in all, I am glad that I took part with course and I am looking forward to the other classes 😉
Jeremy Chong , Sabah (Class of 2013)
~ * ~
Really interesting, fantastic course. It really opens my eyes and make me know what Feng shui really means. Before attending this course, I thought I have some knowledge of Feng shui based on some Feng shui masters said.
Alan is also a very good  instructor and things are taught in very detail and understandable. In future, I would not wasting money in other Feng shui master course but would stick to CAFS. Thank you so much Alan.
Student 2013a
Samantha Khu, KL  (Class of 2013)
~ * ~
Alan Chong is a good lecturer, He kept on looking, checking and supervised with the student work. Alan brought us out to some good spots and student’s houses. From there we do the case studies. Alan gave student some remedies on their cases. During the case study, the students agreed with him on the house happenings. 
Chew WP, Johor Baru 
~ * ~
1. Concise
2. Light Hearted
3. Quick (in diagnosis)
4. Different but the Correct Way
5. Cheap – Comprehensive
TS Yeo (KL)
~ * ~
Class of Nov 2013 – Practical visit to Temple

The course is very informative. I learn what is one object one taiji, what is one room one set of stars. This we can never get to learn in books.

The course structure is very well organized. I am able to understand what is inside the course material. The Trainer (Alan) taught very patiently. He never failed to answer our questions.

My greatest thanks to CAFS for making this Flying Star Course available.

Lee CY (S’pore)

I started this course with a clean sheet of paper so to say, but after 4 days of lessons and training, I got to know how to do the flying star and to chart out the sectors especially for my own house and room. The course was excellent, with a focus on fundamentals leading to real understanding of how it’s going to be applied to actual scenarios. 

Mr. Alan was immensely knowledgable, well-organized, and has a deep understanding and experience to back up the course material. 

Thank you very much Mr. Alan for your patience in teaching us this subject and hope to see you in your future classes!

Bryan Lao (S’pore)

From here, I would thank Master Alan Chong for his tireless effort & dedication in teaching me the mysterious Chinese destiny knowledge, Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui. During these four days course, it had been really an eye opener for me. Besides than passing me this knowledge, Master Alan Chong also explained how this application of Feng Shui is able to change and improve someone’s luck & destiny. If you really understand Chinese culture, besides than having family on his own, he needs to have a proper roof under his head to really complete his “life”. Otherwise, it would be seen as his foundation of life is not completed yet. Thus, after attaining his basic necessity and to improve further his prosperity, wealth, health & human relationships factors, application of Feng Shui on his “house” plays an important role too.         

Before this, I have learned another metaphysics art and after attending Master Alan Chong’s Feng Shui class, it really provided me an addition understanding of Chinese Metaphysics knowledge & concept, which already existed & passed on since thousand years ago.

If you really serious about learning Feng Shui Flying Star, this course is a must for you.

Victor Ho (Msia)

I’ve been studying and reading up on Feng Shui for some years now, and before the class I actually listed down a bunch of questions on the subject which has confused me for some time. I’m glad to say that practically all of the previous doubts I had have been answered, and then some. Of course I now have new and different type of questions, but this is only the beginning of the journey! The class is structured effectively, in a step-by-step manner to guide the student from the fundamentals to the practical application of Flying Star Feng Shui. The practical site visits were particularly eye-opening, as it really shows how an audit is done and how the actual land forms are like. Thanks Alan for a great experience!

Gary Chew


This is the first fengshui course I have ever attended albeit I have read many fengshui related books. I need to forget what I learned from the books in order to absorb what is taught in the class.

Master Alan patiently clarified and proved what conventionally though to be correct in fengshui have no influence in fengshui through actual examples and theories. In fact, sad to say that many celebrated fengshui masters give wrong recommendations to their clients because they did not learn the authentic fengshui but try to combine different fengshui schools method in order to justify the situations.  

After four days of intensive learning, this is no doubt that Xuan Kong Flying Star class lay a solid and correct foundation on authentic fengshui.

I would also like to thank you Master Alan for guiding me on my own house fengshui audit, will seriously consider enrol for Advance Flying Stars Fengshui class (Er Zhai) after the recommendations turn out to be effective.

Whoever wish to learn fengshui or intend to practice in the field should enrolled for the course, where else you can get authentic fengshui knowledge inherit from the legendary Master Zhang Chong San, Master Yen Ben-author for Er Zhai, Master Hong Chuan and many fengshui legend from Wu Chang lineage?

Yeong (M’sia)

This is one of the most methodical courses I have attended and Alan is a very good teacher making sure his students thoroughly understand each level before he moves on to the next stage by making us do little tests in class and checking it at every stage. It was fast paced but slow enough that you could understand each step. I would not hesitate to attend any course that he may teach.


Lizzette (Australia)

But why Learn from Alan ?

More testimonials

Alan   Why Choose to Study with Master Alan?  

  • If you want personalize attention because we keep the class small.
  • If you believe outdoor practical is important.
  • If you are looking for a real ‘teacher’ and not a ‘lecturer’.
  • If you want to know your house during the class and not after.
  • If you keen to acquire real lineage knowledge for consistent results, may it be money, health or relationships.
  • If you are looking for new insights, deeper knowledge.
  • If you are serious about support by a Master and not his assistant after class. We have many options.

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