Student’s Dilemma

Many a times I hear student telling me why they almost give up Feng Shui altogether.

This is a common trend since early of the millennium, Feng Shui was “opened” to the public by several celebrity masters. During that period almost everyone with some curiosity in Feng Shui would like to join in the band wagon with either the hope of becoming Feng Shui Masters like them or would simply be part of the mysterious society of metaphysics.

So they start enrolling course available without checking their background or lineage history and hence one by one more and more people see the booming of this industry. Taking advantage of the public naive perception in this subject, they started offering courses especially to the English speaking market.

All you need is the ability to read in Chinese, buy a bunch of books, package them, learn some public speaking & marketing skills and there they go offering classes to public.

These students then started learning 1 after another course but yet still could not read Bazi nor perform Feng Shui. They usually starts with the 8 mansion and then slowly progress to Flying Star. After getting confused learning these 2 entirely different styles they usually will not be satisfied and then proceed to XUAN KONG DA GUA or San He land forms.

Some of the luckier once sometimes get it sometimes don’t. Feeling inadequate, these students then starts to attend courses from one master to another master spending more and more.

After graduating from several schools they finally felt tired. Either tired of learning because the results don’t seems to be convincing at all nor they felt Feng Shui is just hocus pocus. There was one who even met with lost a lot of money after implementing the Feng Shui solution. Many other real stories.

This is a Feng Shui real case I can share with you.

Sometime ago I met this person who was a friend of my friend, I would like to call this person Apple.

One day, we were supposed to go somewhere and then Apple said that she needed to go back to fetch something on our way to our final destination.

Upon reaching here house she parked the car outside and went in to fetch the things Apple wanted to bring along. So while waiting for her me and my other friend waited outside. It was a beautiful house. While my friend enjoyed the puffing, I swing into my own world, ie Feng Shui. Very quickly I made 2 measurements and not long after Apple came out and off we go.

After the event finished we finally had the time to sit down and had coffee, I hesitated a while but finally I decided to ask Apple. I said “Your house Feng shui is no good, you will have many issues with both human issues and money, do you have this problem frankly”?. She looked stung for a while, her eyes was almost as big as the goldfish. Then she asked me how did you know? You are first time here & you never stepped into my house!. To be honest , yes in the last 4 years I had many issues liked you mentioned. But how do you know?”.

I continued, after your renovation, things will turn better but still not great this year but only next year. She gave me another of her stung look. She revealed, yes this house was feng shuied twice and once was by a famous celebrity master. She told me some of the methodology he used, from flying star to San He water methods and San He land forms. From the description on the flying star method, he already committed 3 fundamental mistakes. What I can see is this master thinks that San Yuan Flying Star is not about land forms. He has been misinformed. Flying Star is about land forms but how many understands it? I bet none other than Wu Chang Lineage.

For 4 years Apple went through hell in life and yet the Celebrity Master could not correct Apple’s Feng Shui and interesting enough Apple also learnt from this Celebrity Master.

This is something I hope not happen to you. In Chinese we say 名師易找,明師難遇!
The pronunciation sounds similar but meaning is very different.

Every student that came always hesitated to come and learn basic stuff like Flying Star course because their rational is that why should I do so when I have already learnt from 2-3 masters. Frankly all of them teaches about the same with some idiosyncratic among them.

I re-post some student’s comments here…

I want to express my gratitude to master Leyau for this amazing program, and the extraordinary efforts by Oksana Sakhranova to possible this unique knowledge of the Xuan Kong Flying Star to travel 9000Km to Moscow!

This course provides an understanding of the flying stars at a completely new level, revealing the true depth of the classical theory.

Of Course , with only one course we can not devote all of which are essential in the Xuan Kong Flying Star

Up to now, after going thoroughly the course, as far as I realized, we only see is just a tip of the huge iceberg.

If possible this should be a lifelong learning to reveal more and more of the secrets.

Master Leyau course give us the most essential key in revealing those hidden secrets.

Respect and gratitude, Tatyana Prokhorova, Moscow (19-22 May 2011)


I have learned feng shui for many years, with many questions burdening my head. But now, the questions were gone. His wholeheartedly teaching, is very clear, logic, and awesome. After the class, I feel more confident to help and give suggestions for others who need it. Rare to find, a humble, wise, smart, and low profile feng shui master like him. I was so grateful to have opportunity to meet and attend Master Leyau class. I wish myself, to be able to attend all of the courses conducted by him. Thank you Sifu.

Linda Kusuma


I have attended other Masters’ feng shui course and was a little hesitant to attend Master Leyau’s course. But I attended having heard so many good references for Master Leyau from my friends. And I am really glad that I did and I am so happy with my decision to attend.

Attending this course made me understand flying star so much better now and I just cannot believe how easy it is to learn as well as how easy it is to implement flying star feng shui! Master Leyau made the lesson so interesting and so simple to comprehend. He was to the point, patient to explain the concepts till every student fully understood and very forthcoming to answer all questions asked even though he had to explain to us by generously revealing some of the concepts from the more advanced course.

This course had a practical portion on the 4th day that we were brought to an actual apartment and shown feng shui flying star in real action. Renovations made to the apartment where a wall was torn down to combine 2

rooms, door positions were moved for 2 rooms and bed positions for the rooms were also moved. All these were done for implementing better feng shui. Seeing is truly the best way to learn!

Thank you very much Master Leyau and I am really grateful that you have shared so much with us for the class!

Jeremy Tan


Dear Master Leyau,

The 4 days I have spent learning from you passed by very fast. The lessons have been well structured and enlightening. In short, you have made learning XKFS easy and has helped me fix the missing links from my previous learning.

Your patience in explaining and making sure the class understood what you have taught before moving on clearly illustrates your zeal and dedication to share and teach. My only regret is not getting to know you earlier in my learning quest in Chinese Metaphysics. However, I know it is never too late to recalibrate my learning curve and move on by taking the 1st correct step to a thousand li of learning from you

Till we meet again – Khop Khun Mah Krup Ajarn Leyau! (Thank you very much Master Leyau – in Thai language).

Warmest regards, Lye


Dear Master Leyau,

Thank you for your kindness of coaching your courses. After years of experiences and had learned from many renowned Fengshui schools. I affirmed that I had made a right choice to learn the different technique from you. Fortunately, I realize my method in the practical are not so accurate.

After your courses, I used your methods and find out that your method is more accurate compare from others. You prove me right in your Fengshui analysis system. It is simple and straight. Thank you for imparting your years of experiences instead of theories.

I am very gratified by your teachings.

KOH Singapore


Dear Sifu,

After studying at several Feng Shui schools, I’ve finally found CAFS. I would like to consider this as an “Ultimate School” because you not only taught me a strong foundation in Chinese Metaphysics, but also showed me the kindness and humble attitude of a Grandmaster.

I am appreciative in receiving the precious knowledge which has enlightened my spirit everyday.

Also, many thanks to ET who was always there for us as a very understanding individual and a great organizer!

I am looking forward to more courses with CAFS and would highly recommend them to anybody who is a Chinese Metaphysic enthusiast.

Best regards,

Diamanda Huynh, Canada


I have been studying fengshui for about 20 years but always felt uncomfortable with aspects of both theory and practice. Finally I found Master Francis Leyau which I consider to be the only true master I have ever come across. Master Francis provides the answers that I have long been waiting to hear. His breadth of knowledge extends well beyond the San Yuan school in which he specializes and also encompasses San He. He also develops a very personal and friendly relationship with his students. I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart for all the teachings I have received so far and hope to keep receiving in the future.

Joao Borges (Portugal)


Just a few I have extracted here but if you like to read more, please go to this link.

I also have a real story of a student from Italy. I persuaded him 4 times but the first 3 times he turned me down and every time he would nicely decline me till one last time he asked my why should he learn from CAFS. Despite I showed him the difference, he wasn’t convinced. However on the 4th time he took a leap of faith and came. After the course on the 4th day while I sent him back to the train station, he told me that when he came to Malaysia, he was very skeptical and was afraid he made a mistake to come but now he is very happy he came because now he knows how real flying star is to be applied.

You will seldom see our students posting in Forums. Why you may think? Reason is very simple, if you know you won’t search for it, it is when you don’t have something or know that something, you will search for it, just like you are reading this posting… 🙂

Am I overselling Feng Shui or CAFS? I do not think so but the real experience is for individual to know not for me to claim. I only re-posting my personal experience and emails of students to Master Francis Leyau.

Master Francis Leyau has close to 40 years of field experience consulting Yin Zhai, commercial buildings, house and bungalows is a prove of commitment and results of the lineage theories. If it doesn’t work, he would not be as what he is today.

So to learn the right stuff or not is entirely up to your freewill but if you are serious about learning Feng Shui and get real results, then you should never miss this course even though it look basic outside like any other Flying Star Course.

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