Common Questions, Uncommon Answer 01…

Here is a posting by a senior practitioner in a forum :-

No need to watch all the 9 palaces, just the ones (using a pie) that are key, qi mouth, main door, stove, beds, swimming pool, stuff like that. If there is no NW palace, there is no flying star chart! This is because the stars move out from center to the NW palace so if that is missing, then how can the stars move further!

FMech:  Clearly this is a misunderstanding of the role and function of constructing a Flying Star Chart!. It is like saying if a person lost an arm in an accident, he would not live because the blood flow can move further since the veins connected to the arms are missing! You know dead well this is not true.

Do you mean this house has no Feng Shui? Then you should think again what is the meaning of Feng Shui & the meaning of Qi!

When people starts to imagination wildly, it is really damaging to the Feng Shui Society.

And MrX, thanks for suggesting i study more with Mr J, but i guess he too and our entire Academy family have also moved on beyond Flying Stars, and if it costs more than a dollar i can assure you it has always been completely worth every cent!

FMech:  It reminds me of my younger days, when I encountered subjects that I do not understand well, I usually “move beyond” it. Flying Star if you learnt the correct concepts is enough to tell a house. I understand that when the knowledge is inadequate it is really frustrating and hence many have moved on beyond Flying Star to seek answer to their missing link.

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