Common Questions, Uncommon Answer 01…

Here is a posting by a senior practitioner in a forum :-

No need to watch all the 9 palaces, just the ones (using a pie) that are key, qi mouth, main door, stove, beds, swimming pool, stuff like that. If there is no NW palace, there is no flying star chart! This is because the stars move out from center to the NW palace so if that is missing, then how can the stars move further!

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Monthly FengShui

Flying Star July….

Another Month is Coming and we are half way into the year…so if you want to catch up your goals this is the time. Go for it!

This monthly Qi will change on the  7th July.

Lets see what is installed for us this month…Star 3 flies into center palace giving us the following chart.

Wow…South Facing Houses have to be extra careful…nasty events can happen. Take extra precaution. If your door does not have good natal chart, please take this advice seriously.

Stay really low profile, drive slow, dont jump the red lights, stay away from dark alleys etc…

If there are construction outside your house then chances are really high! So be aware!!!!

The same rule remains, East and West Sector of the house, no renovation nor any cement work allow the entire year.