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A good read on how to spot a Marriage and the type of potential candidate using Bazi or Chinese Astrology. One can also use this ancient knowledge to spot the likely how a person views marriage.

Many skeptics of astrology often asked the question, Is our life path defined at birth? Can a Bazi tell if one will marry a older guy?. Sally Yeh 葉蒨文 and George Lam are 14 years apart and it is Sally’s first marriage. In a TV interview one can see that she is a down to earth type when […]

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Common Questions, Uncommon Answer 01…

Here is a posting by a senior practitioner in a forum :-

No need to watch all the 9 palaces, just the ones (using a pie) that are key, qi mouth, main door, stove, beds, swimming pool, stuff like that. If there is no NW palace, there is no flying star chart! This is because the stars move out from center to the NW palace so if that is missing, then how can the stars move further!

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Monthly Flying Star Chart 2013 Q1

Here is the chart for 2013 Febuary, March and April. This I hope to help you plan ahead. As we enter the year of Water Snake on Febuary 4th, the new flying star chart will be as below. For more details about the Annual Chart you can refer to my page on 2013 Annual Feng Shui Updates.

Monthly Stars are done the same way. For in depth knowledge it is advisable to have complete picture on how to interprete flying star the real way.

Monthly Flying Star 2013a

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Date Selection Series…Violating San Sha

Here was a coffee shop (Malaysian English) that I went about 3 months ago as it was a new outlet and so I thought of giving it a try.

The soup seafood noodle was good and was wondering why business wasn’t that good. So I asked the owner, when did he open the shop?. Casually, he answered “Last month, maybe the business is new so not many knows of my place.” Wow, as if he knew what I was thinking!.

This morning as I pass by the shop thinking of going back to have the noodle again this is what I saw:

Asked the neigbouring shop & they told me the business was poor and so the owner decide to call it quits for now. I hope he had not suffered big losses.

This is one of the many cases of businesses failing or doing medioarce as they have violated the fundamentals of NO-NOs in Feng Shui. San Sha is one of the Destructive forces that any house or business should avoid and this is usually done during the Feng Shui Audit. Possible ways to minimise the effect is by proper Date Selection but this kind of dates that can minimise San Sha is very few available in a year. By the time you have decided you may have passed that auspicious date!.

Technically, where is San Sha? Sha Sha changes every year and month according to the Earthly Branches of the Year or Month. For example, in 2012 San Sha is in the South and for the month of July, San Sha goes to the West. You may visit my Monthly Feng Shui Category to see where it is every month.

The major difference between Wu Chang schools and other schools is how much is the area the San Sha covers. Though some schools are slowly changing their concepts to follow us, nonetheless, many of the schools outside still practice the ‘misunderstood’ concepts.

Unknowingly, you may have violated San Sha but not knowing it and you wonder why despite all the activation still the results is medioare.

Lastly, my advice to the ever enthusiastic entrepreneurs and who also believe in Feng shui, please view (feng shui) the property first before you seal the deal. Having destructive energy that haunts your business for life isn’t a pretty experience. Take time to plan and select a good property. Either you have the time luxury to wait or get on that is free from all destructive energies.

Better still learn up this skill and save your heartaches for life.

Have a great weekend!


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