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Voided Feng Shui

Why is it some malls are not able to perform or badly perform as in drawing in crowds? Is there a Feng Shui reason behind? We know that in Kuala Lumpur, there are malls with more than 20 years and yet holds high rental yield and full of crowd. Is it because purely due to location?  Today we investigated 2 such places in Kuala Lumpur.Void is a phenomena in feng shui whereby the building is in a position that is really bad Feng Shui.

The Glades, Putra Heights

The Glades Plaza was built as part of the complimentary for it’s gated Glades bungalow units back Quarter 4 of 2013. Photos taken this year shows that no business could survive there except their property sales office.Why can it be that bad? A property developer that is top 10 in Malaysia and it’s Feng Shui was heavily promoted by an internationally famous Feng Shui master from Kuala Lumpur, why then it can be in such sad state?A few business tried to open there but closed down not long after. The last being a cafe.Is it due to poor marketing efforts or was played down by a hidden hands of Feng Shui?What was possibly missed out in the Feng Shui assessment? Gone were the days where bus load of students enthusiastically measuring with their new luopans that I vividly recalled while passing by back then.

The sad truth is that many behavioral economists know very little about psychology. – Richard Thaler 

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Date Selection, XKDG

Date Selection – Something Not to be Ignored

If you believe the above is true or carries little effect, let me relate this real story of a case a student shared with me.

The student asked me why a person who has a Period 8 house Sit Zi (N2) Facing Wu (S2) in 2014 did not do well, he had problems and lost quite some money that year.

He was puzzled when the main door, is in the center of the house, it has a  8 8 door with a Annual 8 visiting (in Red on lower right corner), how come this person after moving in did not benefit at all but instead experienced problems.

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Feng Shui

San Sha or 3 Killings (三煞)

Every year as you visit book stores or surf the internet, you will find loads of information about annual updates.

Usually everyone will talk about the 3 major killing forces that everybody should avoid. They are namely The 5 Yellow, the Tai Sui (Grand Duke) and San Sha / 3 Killings.

In this article, I would like to discuss one of the particular bad energy of each year or commonly known as 3 Killings or San Sha (Mandarin) or Sam Sart (Cantonese).

First of all the translation of San Sha should not be 3 Killings because in Chinese, as I illustrate below the meaning of . Hence, I prefer to refer it as Sha Sha from now onwards.

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Monthly FengShui

Monthly Flying Stars – Jan 2013

On 5th Jan, just after 5 days entering the new year of 2013, we will cross into the Gui Chou Month which is also the last month of the Solar Calendar for the year of Water Dragon.

Here is the Chart and this will be the last Chart for this series. After Li Chun 立春 there will be a new format!

Jan 2013

As you can see San Sha goes to the East this month while the 5 Yellow Star flies to the West sector.

With this 2 charts used in combination with your house Natal Chart, you should be able to tell what is coming to the house. So if you have sickly people recuperating in the house it will be better to move out if you are staying in the SE sector.

There are some masters that is now saying that the New Chinese Year now begins in the Winter Solstice or Dong Zhi, 冬至 instead of Li Chun. This is not true in Feng Shui because we are using Li Chun, 立春 for thousands of years to mark the change of Qi within the Solar Calendar System. Dong Zhi may be the beginning grow of Yang Qi as they claim but the Qi is not usable till Li Chun.

Li Chun marks the beginning of Spring where things starts to grow after months in hibernation during the Winter. As such the year begins in the Li Chun on Yin 寅 month and so does the demarcation of your Ming Gua.

So if they had understand how the usage of Sundials, how Early Heaven Bagua was formed and how they are integrated into Feng Shui Applications surely this mistake will not happen.

Many self learned masters & modern students are too keen into application but have neglected the study of proper fundamentals resulting in errors, errors that could bring chaos to other people’s life. Life in the “instant noodles” age.

Monthly FengShui

Monthly Flying Star Dec 2012

We have come to the 2nd last month of the Water Dragon Year. I will finish of the Monthly Star series in the Chou month. Beginning of the Water Snake year will signify new things.

Lets see what stars we will see coming 7th December 2012:

As you may see that San Sha goes to the South.

Seem that SE and NW facing house is going to do bad this month. Loss of money is pretty high.

S, SW and W house can expect good things to come especially money.

N rooms can be careful of sickness. Take extra precaution if you sleep in this room.


Monthly FengShui

Monthly Flying Star Nov 2012

Here another month comes as we enter 7th Nov into the month of the Metal Pig. Here is November Flying Star Chart.


As usual San Sha goes to West side.

South Door will have good events and if you are trying to conceive cos this is the lucky window.

NE is another good sector and if you have a good Door there, this will be a smooth month for you. If you are embroiled in law case, this is the month you should endeavor to solve it.

SW and SE have to have more patience and especially SE doors, watch your blood pressure.

Monthly FengShui

Monthly Flying Star October 2012

Again, another month is approaching into the Cold Dew at the end of Autumn on the 8th of October.

Here is the Flying Star Chart…

This Month, the San Sha goes to the North.

You will see the Chart of the Annual Chart and the Monthly Stars are identical. Meaning the effects will be doubled. If good it will be better and if bad, even worse…

Date Selection, Uncategorized

Date Selection Series…Violating San Sha

Here was a coffee shop (Malaysian English) that I went about 3 months ago as it was a new outlet and so I thought of giving it a try.

The soup seafood noodle was good and was wondering why business wasn’t that good. So I asked the owner, when did he open the shop?. Casually, he answered “Last month, maybe the business is new so not many knows of my place.” Wow, as if he knew what I was thinking!.

This morning as I pass by the shop thinking of going back to have the noodle again this is what I saw:

Asked the neigbouring shop & they told me the business was poor and so the owner decide to call it quits for now. I hope he had not suffered big losses.

This is one of the many cases of businesses failing or doing medioarce as they have violated the fundamentals of NO-NOs in Feng Shui. San Sha is one of the Destructive forces that any house or business should avoid and this is usually done during the Feng Shui Audit. Possible ways to minimise the effect is by proper Date Selection but this kind of dates that can minimise San Sha is very few available in a year. By the time you have decided you may have passed that auspicious date!.

Technically, where is San Sha? Sha Sha changes every year and month according to the Earthly Branches of the Year or Month. For example, in 2012 San Sha is in the South and for the month of July, San Sha goes to the West. You may visit my Monthly Feng Shui Category to see where it is every month.

The major difference between Wu Chang schools and other schools is how much is the area the San Sha covers. Though some schools are slowly changing their concepts to follow us, nonetheless, many of the schools outside still practice the ‘misunderstood’ concepts.

Unknowingly, you may have violated San Sha but not knowing it and you wonder why despite all the activation still the results is medioare.

Lastly, my advice to the ever enthusiastic entrepreneurs and who also believe in Feng shui, please view (feng shui) the property first before you seal the deal. Having destructive energy that haunts your business for life isn’t a pretty experience. Take time to plan and select a good property. Either you have the time luxury to wait or get on that is free from all destructive energies.

Better still learn up this skill and save your heartaches for life.

Have a great weekend!

Monthly FengShui

Monthly Flying Star July 2012

7th July is just around the corner, so let see what is installed for this Wei Month.

North Sector is most badly affected this Month. If you have a North facing House with a center door, be extra careful.

Also this month, the 3 Killings or San Sha falls to the West side. This is important factor to consider in Date Selection.

Violation of San Sha usually brings calamity. I have seen too many cases.


When To Engage Feng Shui Consultancy?

Don’t buy any house before a feng shui audit. May it be a auctioned house or newly developed scheme, it is very important to qualify it’s feng shui suitability first before any serious negotiation starts.

Buying a house is a huge investment, may it be for your own stay or purely for investing purpose.

If you are buying for your own stay, having good feng shui is vital to for long term wealth and good human relations or health. Since you are going to stay there for long surely you would like a house you feel good and that protects and makes life easier.

Even if you are buying as investment, having good feng shui is also important to your tenants so they will pay up their rental promptly and if they prosper, there you have a ready buyer who is more willing to offer you a good price.

Why is feng shui important before the property purchase? Simple answer!. Feng Shui is a study of landforms to allow humans to tap good energy to help us improve our life. But first, you need to match the property with landforms to have good feng shui.                            

But when I refer to landforms, I am not only referring to the Green Dragon, White Tiger and etc. I am talking about Yang Zhai (house) landforms. This skills is not understandable to many feng shui consultants and yet so important to the feng shui of the house.

For example, from the master plan, there are some sectors where the houses will enjoy better feng shui than others within the same development. This is due to the effects from the landforms. How do we know which will be better in getting better Qi?.

Once the property and landforms are in sync, then other internal structuring can be used to improve the overall Feng Shui. Without supporting landforms, no amount of internal structuring can improve the feng shui significantly. There is a saying that Feng Shui is built on layers and the first layer is the landform.

Anyone who is serious in property should pick up this art of metaphysics so you will can enjoy prosperity year on year.

That is why, for those in the property line such as agents & investors, having good knowledge in Feng Shui is vital. It will pay off in both short and long run.

On another note, if we are buying to resell for a profit, bad feng shui houses or properties are very much harder to sell. To resell for a good profit will also be a problem.

In conclusion, it will be a smart choice to hire a feng shui consultant to audit the house or property before bidding for it. The feng shui consultation fee paid for qualifying a property is worth every single cent.

Next, I will further discuss on the importance of avoiding Sha within Authentic San Yuan Feng Shui System.

The author is a Feng Shui Consultant based in Malaysia. For enquiries, email