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Date Selection – Something Not to be Ignored

If you believe the above is true or carries little effect, let me relate this real story of a case a student shared with me.

The student asked me why a person who has a Period 8 house Sit Zi (N2) Facing Wu (S2) in 2014 did not do well, he had problems and lost quite some money that year.

He was puzzled when the main door, is in the center of the house, it has a  8 8 door with a Annual 8 visiting (in Red on lower right corner), how come this person after moving in did not benefit at all but instead experienced problems.

P8 S2 2014I asked him when he moved into this new house, he mentioned in 2014 after Li Chun.  That’s is already violating Sui Po. This is different from what most people know as violating Tai Sui and San Sha (3 Killings). Fundamentally, there is a difference. If you don’t know then it is very risky to be a professional Feng Shui consultant.

In the hands of a competent Feng Shui Master, Sui Po can be avoided.

If a good date had been selected I believe the result would have been in the reverse and thus the owner could have benefited from the auspicious energy that year and in fact doubled if one knows the XKDG Date Selection system. There is such formation know as Auspicious San Sha. This kind of date is very powerful and the effects is very good. Thus Date Selection is not something to be ignored.

Learn how to avoid bad dates and select an auspicious date to promote better effects of your feng shui formation.