Name Correction and Destiny

Often we hear especially in the Chinese community, that changing name can help improve a person’s destiny. The following is a real case of a man who committed suicide at the age of 22 because he had 2 failed relationships behind that he no longer could bear it.

He jump down from the apartment building he was living. Let’s examine his Bazi and see what or where is the suicidal symptom but before we do that, we go through the Bazi and see what is excessive or severely lacking in this chart.

Male Bazi

Bazi Analysis

A strong Wu Earth Day Master born in the beginning of the season of Summer in the month of Si. The one thing you notice is that this Chart lacked Metal.

Volcano eruptionThis Chart is very heavy Resource and in particular Indirect Resource and Friend Gods thus making this person having strong self esteem and yet skewed towards the negative side. This formation coupled by a very hot chart makes this person an impulsive type. Its almost like a volcano sitting beside the sea.

The Ding Fire also represents in a relationship a person who sacrifice himself for the happiness of others as well as being attached to the other. The Si has the nature of the Sun and this gives rise to a person who can suddenly be happy and suddenly feeling sad. Furthermore, the Snake character person can be possessive type when it comes to relationship.

In his hour he as Ren Zi Pillar and to this chart it is called the confusion pillar. Thus all in this point to the fact that this man is a very emotional man when it comes to relationships. Ren represents in 10 Gods the Indirect Wealth while Zi is the Proper Wealth.

To side track a little, wealth to a man in 10 Gods not only represent money, it also represents women or wife. Thus the question that arises is how does one decide if this is wealth is referring to wealth or his women?

Coming back to the Bazi, another important aspect of Bazi reading is apart from the 10 Gods, is the palaces. When we talk about relationships, the one important palace to look at is the Day Earthly Branch, which is commonly known as Spouse Palace. In his chart, sits the Tiger or the Jia element beneath, thus this is a man who is controlled by the lady or the wife.

Thus summing up on his Natal Chart, it tells two significant inclinations about this person. First, when it comes to women or relationship he is confused and he can be a very negative person. This chart does not want to see more earth or fire element. His useful element is Wood and to some extent Metal.

How did the event lead to The Tragedy? Perhaps a pictorial format is easier to read.

AKong suicide

He committed suicide during the last of the major luck cycle of Ji Wei. He was only 22. Ji and Wei are both Earth element but of different polarity thus it’s know as Wealth Robber. When WR comes, it only means one thing, the wealth element is under control. When translated to lay man terms, it can mean the women is being “rob” by third party.

2010 is the year of Geng Yin. The presence of Geng is where his useful element the Tree wood is being controlled by the Yang metal. This is first indication.

Dec the 9th is Wu Zi, again Friends on Wealth because Zi has Gui Water which also represents Girlfriend star. It is also known as Heaven’s will to control Earth.

Third, the day is full of Indirect Resource. This period could be the lowest point of his life since Resource also governs the happiness factor.

Name Correction

According to local newspaper, his father know his son was born lacking wood element. Hence a Wood character was added into the name & yet tragic happened.

While some may dispute the validity of the method of name changing that the fortune teller had used, still as I believe still is not the effective method and often a misunderstood one. If you like to know more to go Resource Page and listen to the audio program where I have talked about this topic.

Summing Up

How could have we helped him if his conditions were detected or understood early? Life is indeed complicated and while circumstances can be sometimes be the limiting factor, early childhood upbringing or education is where parents can redirect this focus such as having him to join uniformed activities, encourage him in religious studies or have early involvements in charitable organisation where opportunities for him to develop self awareness and character building can be done. Consistent reminder or advice from family can also serve like a kind of neuro programming.

While there is no guarantee that these efforts could save him but I strongly believe it could have helped him in some way. Maybe he could have summon the courage and wisdom to move on.

Remember, Character is Destiny & Destiny is Character.

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