Name Correction and Destiny

Often we hear especially in the Chinese community, that changing name can help improve a person’s destiny. The following is a real case of a man who committed suicide at the age of 22 because he had 2 failed relationships behind that he no longer could bear it.

He jump down from the apartment building he was living. Let’s examine his Bazi and see what or where is the suicidal symptom but before we do that, we go through the Bazi and see what is excessive or severely lacking in this chart.

Male Bazi

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Bazi Questions Answered 01


What elements are released from clashes in the storage .what problems in relation to the 10 god I.e if 7 killing released but a negative element what is the cause… thanks


When a Clash happens we have to see the interaction of the elements involved arising from the clash between the 2 Earthly Branches.

If 7k is present in a person’s Bazi at the 2nd Sub Qi inside the Hidden Heavenly Stem, then it is said this person has 7K in storage. But it is in “dormant” state until it is clashed, it is not really “released”. We have to see the interaction of the 2 elements resulting from the Clash to understand the meaning behind the clash.

If 7 Killing is being countered, it usually means good events especially if the 7K is unfavourable to a person’s Bazi. If the 7k is favourable then an unpleasant event will happen.

In the above chart, there is a Clash between Xu and Chen. In this clash the 7 killing (Ding) is being clashed by Gui (Eating God). When this happens, we have to see what does this mean to the Xin Day Master.

The outcome is good because in this Chart 7k is not favourable to the Xin Day Master. As such being restraint/weaken by the Gui water, the 7k will not negatively affect the Day Master. The Day Master will be well disciplined, relaxed and careful when making decisions.

So in your question, the same logic of reasoning applies.

In Bazi reading, nothing is fixed and all depends on the interaction between elements to the Day Master.