Case Study, Er Zhai

Rice of Gold

I found an interesting case to share with you all since I know many of you are flying star enthusiast:

In a row of shop (about 25) there are 3 shops selling economy mixed rice. It is quite a norm here in Malaysia where many dishes are mass cooked similar to a western buffet style serving.

We have always wondered, why this shop is doing so well among 3 in the same row. The other 2 is also doing well but not as well as this shop despite they are at each corner. Corner shops are more spacious, airy and hence usually attract better crowd.

Few of us friends tried all the 3 shops and we felt that the difference in taste, service and cleanliness is more or less same nothing much difference. Price also we don’t feel there is a significant difference among them. 2 other shops are in the corner but this one shop is in the center as in yellow box.


This particular shop does very well, everyday is long queue and if you are late it’s finished very early. So what set this shop apart from it’s competitors? My curiosity brought me to investigate this shop. After “surveying” the shop, I found the reason for her good business.

The front side is open only closed at night with the shutter door. You can try the 8 pie or 9 grid method as per your school’s teaching.

Land form wise, the 3 shops share very similar landforms.

If you like flying star, here is shop layout and the flying star chart. There is no trick here, the answer is inside this layout that pull this shop apart from the other 2.

Mix Rice Restaurant
Mix Rice Restaurant Sit W2 Face E2

Note: In the flying star chart, use only the Black numbers as Natal Chart numbers.

2021 Update: This shop thus far has survived the Covid economic onslaught.