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Voided Feng Shui

Why is it some malls are not able to perform or badly perform as in drawing in crowds? Is there a Feng Shui reason behind? We know that in Kuala Lumpur, there are malls with more than 20 years and yet holds high rental yield and full of crowd. Is it because purely due to location?  Today we investigated 2 such places in Kuala Lumpur.Void is a phenomena in feng shui whereby the building is in a position that is really bad Feng Shui.

The Glades, Putra Heights

The Glades Plaza was built as part of the complimentary for it’s gated Glades bungalow units back Quarter 4 of 2013. Photos taken this year shows that no business could survive there except their property sales office.Why can it be that bad? A property developer that is top 10 in Malaysia and it’s Feng Shui was heavily promoted by an internationally famous Feng Shui master from Kuala Lumpur, why then it can be in such sad state?A few business tried to open there but closed down not long after. The last being a cafe.Is it due to poor marketing efforts or was played down by a hidden hands of Feng Shui?What was possibly missed out in the Feng Shui assessment? Gone were the days where bus load of students enthusiastically measuring with their new luopans that I vividly recalled while passing by back then.

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The Strand, Kota Damansara

This property was open on 28 May 2014 and this property is Sitting North Facing South. This is supposed to be the favorite direction of many who knows something about Feng Shui. This property start off on a bad note. It was open on a bad date violating San Sha (3 destruction) thus affecting the auspiciousness of this building. However, the problem of this mall does not stop here.This mall is afflicted with what San Yuan system known as Death and Emptiness or in short Void factor.  Photos taken this month shows the condition of the mall. It is very empty and very lacking of crowd despite surrounded by so many offices. The surrounding area is bustling but somehow, it does not draw crowd. Many mall operators do not believe in Feng shui but Feng shui is science of the land and it exhibits its effects on any property regardless if they believe or otherwise. If they have got a capable Feng Shui master to design the malls, I am sure it would not fall into such state. Feng shui can be predicted such as the previous article The Discussion of the Two Malls.While I do not have all insider information, I do believe the hidden hands of feng shui does play a role in the outcome. From the many experiences in these years have proven that Feng shui is Chinese expression of geography and astronomy science combined. Thus the formula is repeatable although the result may vary in terms of magnitude.One may argue its deliberately left empty, honestly I don’t think any prudent business man likes to be built a multi million White Elephant.

Feng Shui That Works

If one truly understands the meaning of Feng shui then one will not think of it as some hocus pocus practice. It is a science of the earth energy and astronomy combined.Science has a term to classify that, they call it Geo magnetic field. It has also been proven that the nearest planet , the moon has significant effects on our tides and emotions. Is this some superstition or spiritual stuff or science? Thus Real Feng shui’s real practice is firmly grounded on science of the earth. It is about the energy of the land.Follow our blog for Real Feng Shui That Works!

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If the mall operators could do something about the Feng Shui of their malls, we believe it can be better.

Disclaimer: The intention of this article is to bring awareness to the existence and works of Feng Shui. The situation of the malls as been awhile before this article is published.