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The Discussion of Two Malls’ Feng Shui

Business Feng Shui

Back in mid 2012, I was having a discussion with one of my senior since we both stay in vicinity. The discussion was focused on feng shui since this is out common denominator. Both of them was opened to public by end 2012.

Recently nearby our place there are two malls recently started operations. The first to start was One City Mall (managed & built by MCT) and months later The Main Place later started (managed & refurbished by BinaPuri).

Some background information, One city has many new features of a mall such as sky bridge, a large gym, and cinema (closed now), a 4 star hotel, Maybank, SoHo and is centered on business / office mall. Most of the restaurants are also the high end.

On the other hand, Main Place is of a smaller scale and has the more traditional features of a shopping mall with a grocer, apparels, pharmacy, fast food chains, book store, toys r us to name a few outlets.

The most difficult part is in the Main Place, is to determine it’s Facing. What is the criteria for determining it’s facing? Is it the most Yang side or by the building design or where the water is or…..? If one could not determine the facing how could one begin the analysis. Ah simple, ask the Feng Shui master who did this mall! Yes, if you know who did it! but I can safely say this mall has engaged a feng shui master to help it grow it’s business.

Then Main Place was an abandoned building for about 10 years before Binapuri took over. Do you put consider this a Period 7 or Period 8 building? An building with an history of being abandoned much like an auctioned house, is it minted to be a Bad Feng Shui building?

One city currently is also having the crowd from a private college and a large early childcare in it’s compound.

Fast forward to Nov 2017, it seems Main Place is a better performing mall compared to One City, from the outlook. Most people who live her concurs with my view and would prefer to visit Main Place. One city had many premises and outlets that closed down and changing hands since opening. The supermarket alone, the 3rd is the current tenant.

You can make your own conclusion of the feng shui but after so many months our analysis has been proven as correct which mall is showing the results we have predicted. In fact, Binapuri has already an offer to sell Main Place just one year plus after operations.

The way we look at is there are couple factors leading to this, One factor is due to concept of the mall which appeal better to the local consumers. The other is from feng shui point of view.

Real Feng Shui knowledge don’t lie, over time it’s effects will have a bearing on the property regardless if the owner believes or otherwise in feng shui.

The main reasons for the better crowd or patronage of Main Place, Feng shui wise, are:

1. They used feng shui to prosper.

2. They had land formations.

3. Correct angling of the door according to Xuan Kong Da Gua.

4. More auspicious Qi flow.

Next Feng Shui class will use this for practical case. Join us to complete your feng shui knowledge. Check out this link for more information. Click here...

If the mall operators could do something about the Feng Shui of their malls, we believe it can be better.

Disclaimer: The intention of this article is to bring awareness to the existence and works of Feng Shui. The situation of the malls as been awhile before this article is published.

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