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Feng Shui Disbelief

Many people do not belief in Feng Shui. Some believe that it is all the act of God while some believe that it is purely human endeavor. This group believe that if what you belief you can become you will become with your own pure hard work and lots of mind motivation.

However, Feng shui is not a myth or something that is religious in nature. In fact it is quite scientific because over the years as science progresses, we are able to understand better the mechanics of Feng shui.

In short, it is a mix knowledge of geography and astronomy but explained in a Chinese way. So whether one believe in gravity / electromagnetism or not, it will still act upon us! If one jumps from 30th floor, gravity, not God will act upon us. For sure there is only one direction we will be heading to.

Bad Feng Shui House

This is a very sad case where the house occupant after moving in and stayed in this house has made significant financial digression.

In Feng Shui we believe the environment affects the house Feng shui and the house Feng shui in return affects its occupants for better or for worse.

Big corner property, big expensive cars and thus what seems rosy to others may not have known the coming of a sad episode. So what happened to them after staying in this house?


This house feng shui is bad and because of this it creates problems for it’s occupants. Why is it so?. The house energy is repulsive and changes the occupants energy to attract bad vibes. Bad vibes affects their thinking or decision making or lead them to meet the wrong people.

This house is a Sitting East Facing West house and it has 2 doors, one is the front door while the other is the side door. Unfortunately the both main doors are bad Feng shui doors.

Main doors are also known as Qi Mouth 气口. It is one of the vital part of any property’s Feng shui regardless if it is a house, an office, factory or condominium etc.

Bad Feng shui is like human constantly eating unhealthy food. It does not kill us immediately but rather like poison it paralyses us day by day without us realizing it’s effects. The door acts like the mouth where the energy enters the property just like to human the mouth is where the food enters our body. Thus a bad main door = bad feng shui.

If the owners had knew about this earlier, they could have avoided this sad episode. I am sure it has been a traumatic event for them and now that they are out of this house, I hope things will turn better for them. Hopefully, the new owners will do something about it or at least engage the right Feng shui master to correct the house Feng Shui.

However it has been a major challenge for many Feng shu masters to correctly locate or detect the condition of the door with accuracy since many years ago. One of the reason is because some Feng shui practitioners audit house or office Feng shui without using a Chinese geomancy compass or a Luopan.

This is a very important tool in Feng Shui as it can tell the condition of the house energy by interpreting the degrees reading.

Parting Wise Feng Shui Advises

Believe it or not Feng Shui does have a part in our life. It can be the hidden hand to help lift us up or pull us down. Certainly, a bad Feng shui house will not help us achieve our life’s goals. Improve your house energy, improve your chances of success.

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