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Two Sides Of The Coin


míng zhī shān yǒu hǔ, piān xiàng hǔ shān xíng

Although knowing that tigers reside in the mountain, one still insists on walking up there.

解释 ( paraphrase )



This proverb has two meanings: The more difficult and dangerous the place is, the more one wants to go there. It indicates a spirit of fearing nothing. Or it can mean that one knows well the dangers but insists on taking the risk away


Closing Observation for 2017 丁酉

Wrapping up 2017, this would be my key observation for the year. There are two sides to a coin as the old saying goes. Same proverb but we can read it with two meaning.

While some take it and run, some just sit one it and cry. The saddest observation this year is that nany knowing the problem but lacked the will and courage to overcome it or they know what is fake knowledge but some how not able to shake it off.

If we, the destiny master of ourselves don’t observe this fundamental step then we can only resign to fate and wait or hope for the best. I can share 2 contrasting personal experiences here.

The Inspiring Part…

I would like to share an inspiring story with you about a client of mind who is the only believer of Feng Shui in the house and business. Suspecting things aren’t going on well since the past few years, the client decided to do something about it. After searching a while, she found me.

I explained her house and business feng shui to her and she confirmed later that the diagnostic is true and is happening. I gave her the solution and some of it is rather difficult because it involves some renovation. Its messy, she had to get quote, supervise the contractor and most of all had to convince family members and business partners that it’s something that needs to be done to correct the past Feng Shui mistakes.

Taking this leap of faith, she went on despite some complaints from family members, business partner and even the usual contractor! (Contractors usually dislike feng shui job as it involves date selection and precision work which puts a lot of demand on them). Above all is, money has to be spent.

Real Feng Shui should not be a spike of event but rather a trend and this trend surfaced day after day, weeks after weeks and months after months. There have been many improvements from wealth, health and family harmony. Business have also picked up.

Her resolve to improve her situation finally paid off. This can be confirmed as this trend has been for 9 months from the time of writing. This client’s business improvement has paid of all the expenses including my consultation fee in just few months.

The Reluctant Owner….

The same proverb applies to another person. Lets call this person S1. S1 knows the daughter room has bad sickness energy and true to my reading her daughter often fall ill easily.

However months passes by and S1 did nothing, only occasionally tells me her daughter was hospitalized. What is the point of telling me when both of them does nothing about it even after knowing the source of the problem.? When I ask, its all excuses given. Anyway, it’s a personal choice. Be the hero or being eaten alive.

While it is not always a rosy ending in every feng shui consult because due to limitation of land formations, the allowance to re-correct the internal layout esp in high rise buildings, legislation especially in Singapore, willingness of destiny owner etc, it usually ends up in improvements if its done according to advice. In other words, the quantum of improvements may wary but the trend is sure to be upwards.

Tiger ? Tiger ?

Same proverb, some became the Hero who dared the challenge to stop the Tiger from attacking the villagers while some became the victim who became the meal for the Tiger. The Tiger in this story became our life or destiny metaphor, in other words, our life challenges. Either one is brave enough to take actions to solve the problem or being engulfed by the problem.

I can only offer my advice but someone has to take the right action to improve their life. When one take actions to change the energy, the outcome will change correspondingly. Remember! We are after all our own destiny master!

We are after all our own Destiny master!

~ good bye 2017 ~