Yin zhai feng shui

Validity of Yin Feng Shui

I know many masters especially those who resides in the west say that Yin Feng Shui 阴宅风水 or Burial Feng Shui is more about filial than Feng Shui per se. I don’t know what prompted them to think this way. Maybe it’s their lack of knowledge, bad experience when they started handling Yin Feng Shui cases before or simply misinterpretation of the classics since they do not come from a Lineage school.

Recently I was invited to one of the most established Memorial Park in Malaysia. During the tour the staff brought me around for introduction to their park. The half way during the tour the staff asked me about a particular grave.

He said, Sifu, can you do a quick look at this particular grave? ” and being obliging I pull out my Luopan and measured the tomb stone and subsequently the surrounding land forms. I then said ” This grave after done, will prosper all children but in particular, female benefit more” His face was nothing but a frozen look.

After a short pause, he said “very accurate!”. He said after the deceased was laid to rest, the children slowly made their fortune but funny part is that why I said the male will do better? Then out of curiosity I asked, who’s is this deceased?, He smilingly say, “My Father”.

He was scratching his head because the Left side has strong Green Dragon hills and coming in strong but why the male still benefited less. Of course I am not going part the trade secret, am I? Haha…

There’s a second grave, that after accessing the land formations with regards to the tomb, I did a measurement to ascertain the auspiciousness of the grave. After careful diagnosis, I told the relative that the tomb after being erected will bring damaging harm to the sons and they family will lose their wealth.

The relative reluctantly and with a sad face, Sifu, you are right. Their only son passed away 3 years after the tomb was erected and the family wealth was diminishing ever since. Till today the family remain poor.

If Yin Feng shui is fake, then why am I able to tell the results of their descendants before I was told the reality? I am not saying this by using divination tricks. Some practitioners uses divination tricks to read Feng shui. I did both cases using read Yin Feng Shui methodology.

Is Yin Feng Shui merely about filial piety? I can go with more examples but perhaps I should reserve the details for my book on Yin Feng Shui someday.

Many people are skeptical about Yin Feng Shui just because they cannot understand the mechanics of Yin Feng Shui but Yin Feng Shui is one powerful part of Feng Shui. To be able to predict to this level requires lineage knowledge as well as good experience and guidance from our masters and grand masters. Unfortunately many masters in the market today are self learnt and thus it is not surprising that they do not belief in Yin Feng Shui.

Sometimes it is good to check the ancestor’s grave if things are not going well for the generation. Better be late and be real sorry.

Do you know why Chinese say that Yin Feng Shui is more powerful than Yang Feng Shui? Is it true or just another misunderstood phrase? Watch out my next Yin Zhai posting to show how a change done brought in new luck to the descendants….