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Feng Shui That Works

Most often people are skeptical if Feng Shui really works or just another hocus pocus or folk superstition. This largely depend on the person’s past experience or the place where they come from. If they come from a community that has strong superstition background well likely they will believe in putting things or item placements as part of Feng shui.

If one comes from religious background such the small villages of South East Asia, then probably religion will likely creep in as in “Feng Shui”. These group believe that Feng shui is religious with Daoism, Bagua mirrors, prayers, chanting etc.

If one comes from the “science or motivational school” then Feng Shui becomes illogical because science has not fully proved it and or they believe their success is purely their own ability.

Some have had bad experiences and thus blamed Feng Shui does not work or is just a fake art.

Feng Shui works if applied correctly. What do I mean by “applied correctly” ?. I mean:-

1.Correct Method Applied.

Every Feng shui method works but not all method works consistently. So getting the right Feng shui master with a good lineage is vital in this process. It has to be a good balance between the Knowledge and Application to many cases.

I have many cases in this blog that shows how Feng Shui was applied and resulted in positive outcomes. That, to me, is Feng Shui that Works!.

2.Be Willing To Change and Make it 100%

Some people are inherently negative. They will give a hundred reasons why they find it difficult or reluctant to make the necessary changes. If you are not ready to make that change, I guess nothing will change. Change begins with you.

Don’t bargain a solution unless for some good reason why you cannot do it. You are not bargaining with the Feng Shui consultant, you are actually bargaining with your own future.

Feng Shui solution is usually comes in a “set”. It means do not implement 2 out of 5. Either you do all 5 changes or don’t even engage.

3.Surrounding People

Someone in the family is opposing. This is usually makes matter difficult. They will constantly pour cold water and resistant in that change process. Talk it out before you engage a Feng shui Consultant.

4.Provide the correct information.

The worst thing is when you try to hide something and provide partial information. Be honest, its your own future at stake here. If you are not prepared to divulge certain information, be up front before engaging.

5.Give it Due Time

If someone ever tell you Feng shui is magic or imply in his message that Feng Shui is magic, probably he is a con master. Feng shui is energy and energy needs time to built just like you go to gym to built that bicep muscles. You just cant get that Arnold look after one month at the gym.


Feng shui is very much dependent on the surrounding factors. You can compare 100 South facing houses but you will see 100 different results. The reason is simple, these houses all have different external environments. Different mountains and rivers or lakes surrounding the property.

7.Man Factor

Man is the center of everything. If one is not willing to work and take responsibility, Feng Shui can only do that much to help. Each man has different astrology chart (Bazi) thus different destiny. Different people has different level of motivation and skills. All these work in conjunction to produce the final outcome.

Habits is also very important. If one is a compulsive gambler for example, no Feng Shui or Qi Men Dun Jia can ever help you win forever in Casino. You may have a few success but not for long. To engrossed yourself in using Chinese Metaphysics to win in casino is going end you in the wrong path.

For the Skeptics

For those of you who still wonders if Feng Shui works, I think you ought to have a realistic view of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is just supportive energy derived from the Earth’s energy and that in determining our success in life there are a myriad of factors that has to work in synchronization to produce the final results. Look at it from another point of view, Feng Shui is like one of the hand in the entire human anatomy.

The origins of Feng Shui is through the observation of how the Earth changes its 4 seasons and how the stars in the galaxy, the sun and the moon behaves that affects our human well being. Whether one believes or otherwise, like the Sun it will continue to rise in the East every morning and sets in the West the same day.