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Sad Mall

Summit mall USJ has been opened for more than 20 years. Its a Sitting East Facing West property 卯山酉向 build around 1997-1998. Flaking this mall is a big office block and SEGI college and Summit Hotel.

Old view of Summit

About August of last year, it had a new face lift inside as well as outside the mall. They also lit up the parking bays which is commendable.

Upgraded Facade

Sadly today, after more than 1 year, Jan 2018, it has not improved in terms of crowd pulling. The simple reason is because the people factor of this mall is damaged.

Changed few major tenants, supermarket to B point and now Homedec. Many shops with some for as long as 17 years restaurant has closed down or moved out.

Front Main Door Facing West

Main door of any premise is very important factor in Feng shui. It has significant effects on the overall Feng Shui of any premise may it be a house, a mall or office.

With this type of Main door Feng Shui, changes of loss of money through misappropriation or gradual loss of business & arguments will be a common thing.

At this time where the economy is not so favorable, new tax laws, tougher business environment, new malls sprouting out nearby, it is understandable businesses are struggling. On hind side, it is still better then The Strand or the previous Subang Avenue and the USJ 19 mall.

Has Feng Shui factor got anything to do with this sad outcome? In my humbled opinion YES!.

It’s “sibling” Summit Batu Pahat suffers the same fate. One of the biggest opportunities was missed when the management decided to embark on the massive refurbishment exercise as they remained the same Feng Shui formation. Thus it is no doubt that things will not improve much for this mall.

Overall this mall Feng Shui is not all that hopeless. There are some positive energy coming to this mall that sustained it thus far. The only unfortunate part is that, it was not utilized!

Many people do not believe Feng Shui believing it is superstition. Some others have met with fake practitioners thus they are afraid to believe anymore. However, whether one believe in Feng Shui or not, it still acts on us just like gravity. We do not need anyone to believe in the existence of gravity, it will still act on every being in this world. The key is to identify the right practitioner!

Will this mall prosper in the future? Well it depends what they plan to do and a host of other factors but I believe the least is to first cut the chain of bad energy that is holding their progress back! In this way, they will have one less obstacles and turn the repulsive energy to an attracting one. One that attract or pulls in crowd compared to the one that repel potential customer.

While Feng Shui is not everything, it is nonetheless has an important role in any mall business. Just take a look at Suria KLCC, Mid Valley, 1 Utama, Pavillion KL and ask why some of them have thrived so many years? Is it because of location? Special products that they sell? Different concepts they bring about ?

I take the view that a successful outcome is like an multiplication equation. It is only when a x b x c you will get a positive number. If any one of them is a zero 0, then the entire equation will be zeroed! If any one of the variable is a negative number, it will produce a negative outcome! Thus Feng Shui is one important variable we cannot ignore !

Do not disbelief Feng Shui and neither does one need to be Obsessed by it!

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