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Feng Shui For Human Factor

I was very pleased with this particular Feng Shui case and thus I have gotten the approval to share part of this case from the owner. This owner got this condo unit way back in 2003 and did some minor changes to the layout according to deity advice and later got a Feng shui master to audit the house in Singapore. 🇸🇬

This Feng shui master claimed he is from our lineage of Wu Chang 无常流 but I don’t believe so for a few reasons. Anyway there are many who likes to claim they are from Wu Chang because this is the authentic Feng Shui lineage. So readers do be aware of such claim.

Land Forms Feng Shui

The land formations wasn’t correct for a start. The house analysis was also deficient and the remedies was misinformed thus leading to the current state. 📉

For more than 10 years things has not got better & this I mean human relationships and harmony in the house. Money wise has also seen a challenging trend over the the many years.

If not for their hardworking and positive attitude I am sure it could have been worse. That is the thing about Feng shui, it works on small daily progress that is so small you don’t even feel a thing till you look back in time. Luckily there weren’t shortage of grit. 👍🏼

House Facing

The most challenging part in accessing this unit is to determine the facing of this unit. 🏠 Since this unit has made some changes when they moved in, it is different from the other unit in the same condominium development.

What makes it worse is that there are 2 doors 🚪 side by side and while one is straight the other is angled! Which to choose?

In Feng shui industry there are many theories on Facing. Some uses the Yang 阳 side, some uses building facing, some uses house unit door as reference while some other practitioners uses the entire unit facing! So confusing! Which is correct then?

Now this is critical step since the facing affects the Feng Shui calculation regardless which school the practitioner comes from.

The most difficult part to us as the Feng shui consultant is that many things has been fixed and it’s rather a constraint for us even though we want to get the best Feng shui for our client. There are no spare rooms, most structures cannot be changed or modified and shortage of funds. However we shall try our best.

The Feng Shui Results

However after some months finally the owner decided to take my advice and with fresh funds to change the most critical part and that is the Main door. Well, even the process of application to the property management was a particularly difficult one.

By changing the door angle, I will tap the auspicious Qi to help prosper the house and of course in the longer term will positively affect the tenants.

My analysis proved correct and the changes started to take notice in less than a month after the door changes. The house harmony started to show improvements, relationship at work with partners also have seen improvements, daughter’s health also improved and even business have seen some improvements. In fact in such short period to see the changes also surprised me!

When the management came for the audit, the owner was rather worried since the initial process was really made tough, it went by smoothly. The owner was also surprised 😮 and relieved.

While Feng shui is no magic pill that solves all the problems it can, if done correctly, will lead to a smoother & happier life. 📈

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