Monthly FengShui

Monthly Flying Stars – Jan 2013

On 5th Jan, just after 5 days entering the new year of 2013, we will cross into the Gui Chou Month which is also the last month of the Solar Calendar for the year of Water Dragon.

Here is the Chart and this will be the last Chart for this series. After Li Chun 立春 there will be a new format!

Jan 2013

As you can see San Sha goes to the East this month while the 5 Yellow Star flies to the West sector.

With this 2 charts used in combination with your house Natal Chart, you should be able to tell what is coming to the house. So if you have sickly people recuperating in the house it will be better to move out if you are staying in the SE sector.

There are some masters that is now saying that the New Chinese Year now begins in the Winter Solstice or Dong Zhi, 冬至 instead of Li Chun. This is not true in Feng Shui because we are using Li Chun, 立春 for thousands of years to mark the change of Qi within the Solar Calendar System. Dong Zhi may be the beginning grow of Yang Qi as they claim but the Qi is not usable till Li Chun.

Li Chun marks the beginning of Spring where things starts to grow after months in hibernation during the Winter. As such the year begins in the Li Chun on Yin 寅 month and so does the demarcation of your Ming Gua.

So if they had understand how the usage of Sundials, how Early Heaven Bagua was formed and how they are integrated into Feng Shui Applications surely this mistake will not happen.

Many self learned masters & modern students are too keen into application but have neglected the study of proper fundamentals resulting in errors, errors that could bring chaos to other people’s life. Life in the “instant noodles” age.