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Often Misunderstood Lineage Knowledge

What is the difference between Lineage knowledge and non lineage knowledge? While you can read about Lineage in my previous posting, I think the best way to educate is with an example. Why is it 5 Yellow in Flying Star is sometimes labelled as the Emperor? Some typical answers will be like “The 5 Yellow star has a character like Emperor. It will give both good and bad. When it is good,it will give very huge auspicious. When it is bad, it can easy kill people. It is easy hot temper and angry like the emperor.” or “Just Ancient Chinese Astrology ppl related it to Jupiter, then from 5 yellow is so powerful transformed into emperor , the rest all become legend n myths that keep evolving n become books now, The most powerful the most auspicious and the greatest star when in timing… if not in timing the most catastrophic star can influence other star become bad stars.” or “5 is in the center of Lo Shu thus this star controls all direction and is known as emperor.” Continue reading “Often Misunderstood Lineage Knowledge”

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2-5 The Mistaken Hero?

In the last decade, many people actually spent a lot of money and time going for Feng Shui courses. Then they start moving from schools to schools just like shopping for cloths. Yet few had consistent results while some gave up. The more seriously hurt ones labelled feng shui as “fake”.

If you read again above statement, this person is not alone. Thus many schools who do not have a lineage will encounter this similar doubt. Thus through their own understanding from the books they buy and trying to match back the reality of the property as to why it is doing good or bad. This reconciliation process has it’s natural flaws because we are dealing with a subject on metaphysics or destiny.

Thus they will think, why this mall has a 5 Yellow Door and yet it does so well? In order to satisfy themselves, they will reason it that probably only businesses or malls can use 5 Yellow! A more creative “master” will reason further that 5 Yellow is the “Emperor” and only “Emperor” can live in a mall sized property where money making is the primary concern!. Or 5 Yellow is only usable in hospitals or clinics so that more people will get sick and hence enhance the business of the hospital or clinic.

Naturally they will have these answers to students and to the new & naive person, they will accept whatever is given.

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San Sha or 3 Killings (三煞)

Every year as you visit book stores or surf the internet, you will find loads of information about annual updates.

Usually everyone will talk about the 3 major killing forces that everybody should avoid. They are namely The 5 Yellow, the Tai Sui (Grand Duke) and San Sha / 3 Killings.

In this article, I would like to discuss one of the particular bad energy of each year or commonly known as 3 Killings or San Sha (Mandarin) or Sam Sart (Cantonese).

First of all the translation of San Sha should not be 3 Killings because in Chinese, as I illustrate below the meaning of . Hence, I prefer to refer it as Sha Sha from now onwards.

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Monthly Flying Star March 2012

Fast approaching March…here is the Flying Star Chart.

This month the 3 Killings is going to the West.

Nonetheless West Facing houses have good energy coming to the door if your door is in the center. If your house door is on the right side (looking out) , beware…

South Facing houses are also good.

SE facing houses are also not so favourable, all round surrounded front and back by 5 Yellow.