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Mid Valley Megamall Fire Again

Mid Valley Megamall is famous for its crowd pulling ability since the mall is usually crowded despite pandemics or even financial crisis days. It has become the envy of mall operators in Klang Valley. However, there is another factor that this mall is famous for that is unique to Mid Valley Mall only and that is Fire hazards. Here is also another post back in 2019 that you can read when it last caught fire.

To date, if my memory serves me right, it has been 4 times with 2 being major. The other 2 was just minor fire in the center court (video below) and one in one of the restaurants outside but attached to this mall.

So this begs the question why seems that only Mid Valley has this issue but not other busy malls such as Sunway Pyramid, Suria KLCC, 1 Utama or even Pavillion Bukit Bintang? Not even the less busy malls in Klang valley has multiple times on Fire!

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Flying Star For Business

Today is a very fruitful day. 2 important things happened.

Firstly , met a sheng ji client and was sharing with me his progress in his career that went beyond both of our imagination. A very good pay offer. Literally, the sheng ji already paid for itself.

Secondly, the meeting took place at a restaurant that was done by my student back in 2019. Since then the restaurant business has enjoyed good business and also survived the pandemic. It is not a spike but rather a long trend of good business well over 4 years.

My client observed the restaurant for a while and he was surprised with I shared with him that was a feng shui restaurant done 100% using our system of Flying Star Feng shui.

How much ROI has the owner gotten over the 4 years?
Here is a tip, be an employee of a good feng shui company, every year you have bonus. Feng shui masters don’t have annual bonus. 🙂

Why was he shocked ? There were no elaborate feng shui features in the restaurant, the main door faced directly the back door, the cashier was below the beam no expensive renovations, no use of social media and bloggers yet he had to queue for a seat.

Client also added a remark that the same row of shops, most of them dont do well. Most of all he finally understood what is really Feng Shui.

With so many cases done with ONLY with Flying Star and XKDG for yin feng shui, surely it cannot be a fluke shot. The key is do you know how to use it or did you get the correct method.

That is the ART to how make a Feng Shui work well.

Here are some photos client sent me while i was on the way.

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Kek Lok Si Temple & Flying Star

Today is Labor Day and this day is to commemorate the effort and labor of people who have contributed to society. Unfortunately, the a labor of Grand Master Yen Pen has been shadowed for many years and I am partially guilty for not posting up this earlier and this has allowed others to plunder his good effort for years.

Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang has been around for a long time since the British rule in Malaya back in the late 1800s. It was constructed between 1890 to 1905. You may read a bit about it’s history over the internet as there are many resources written about it before.

It is a very famous and prosperous place for a long time and hence it’s fame has attracted many Feng Shui masters and enthusiast to come study to see if it is related to Feng Shui in any way.

Over the past few years quite a few Feng Shui masters and his loyal disciples of the same kind, has touted their Feng Shui method has reign supreme over Flying Star Feng Shui. One example, they used was that Kek Lok Si temple has prospered till today was due to their system’s superiority and that only their system are able to explain the prosperity of this temple.

As to why they need to repeatedly mention that Flying Star system is not a capable system, I don’t know what is their personal grudges against flying star system. To me, when you have known the result of the place, all you need is some creative reverse engineering work to tally the theory to the outcome (good or bad). This is not difficult at all. It is standard industry practice by many aspiring masters.

Why specifically attack Flying Star Feng Shui? Why is there the need to attack other schools? Inferiority Complex ? Why not just proclaim to the world that their lineage is World No 1 ? I am sure there will always be a few loyalist who will believe to the core.

Many students tend follow blindly, they fail to understand that the real skill in Feng Shui is not based on hind sight logic (reverse engineering) but the master’s ability to built and set the formation and later the result comes as predicted during the infancy stage. This is how we do it in all our cases, just read the testimony that we have.

However, not many know that this temple once was having serious financial problems for a number of years and it was rescued by Flying Star Feng Shui. The master responsible for this feat is Grand Master Venerable Yen Pen who is truly a 9 Star Feng Shui system master. The 3 photos are just an extracts of the old diary of our grand master. The full version is with me.

It was mentioned “Looking at the sadness of the abbot, Master Yen Pen could not bear to see the abbot’s sadness so one morning he took his loupan and went to see the abbot and explained to him about the Feng Shui of Kek Lok Si and what has caused the temple’s predicaments. It was in the 1920s then and initially Venerable Yen Pen was reluctant to talk about Feng Shui to the abbot. Luckily, the abbot agreed to the suggestion of Master Yen Pen as to how to change the Feng Shui. The rest is history.

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Misguide of Period 9 – Part 2

In this second part on the topic of Period 9, I want to address a common misguide and that is we should change our property to Period 9 to get the best energy.

Another common misconception that certain direction done in Period 8 is good for Period 9. This is a common failure to understand the gist of Xuan Kong concepts.

It creates unnecessary anxiety in people. Of course it is good business for renovation contractors indeed!

There are numerous cases where people after these changes had brought about bad consequences for them. The reason is simple, they believed in the wrong knowledge thus naturally will lead them to a wrong solution and consequently bad results.

It’s like you visited a fake doctor, who is not well trained but eloquent in his presentation, prescribed you the wrong medicine and your sickness not only did not get better but gotten worse!

Real practice of Xuan Kong Feng Shui is not as what is outlined above. I will not delve into the technicalities here but just quote you a few examples, hopefully will open up your mind to the under par Xuan Kong knowledge.

Xuan Kong Period Table
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My Feng Shui Journey

What my student have written as a feedback on his life Feng Shui journey:

“Nothing exalts the soul or gives it a sheer sense of buoyancy and victory so much as being used to change the lives of other people”

True happiness come from knowing that someone’s life have changed for the better as a result of your efforts to help. The person who sent the message was initially plagued by marital problems and often being bullied by the husband when tempers flare. Somehow the husband was easily irritated and took it out on her. When I visited this friend of mine in her apartment, I was surprised to see that both husband and wife are sleeping in separate room.

After running a Feng Shui diagnosis using the Lineage Flying Stars method learned from my metaphysics teacher Master Alan Chong, it was revealed that the husband was facing cashflow problems for months due to collection problems in his business accumulating in bad debts. To make matters worse, their savings depleted due to them falling prey to unscrupulous scammers recently. Needless to say, the household was in a very unhappy state.

I advised them to shift their rooms and sleeping positions and provided several other simple remedies with the hope that it will lessen their burden. At first they were skeptical but common sense prevailed and they figured that they had nothing to lose, thus they relented. 2 weeks after following the instructions, the husband felt calmer and not so easily agitated and this brought the wife a much needed relief. The following week the husband succeeded in recovering 70% of what his client owed him since the year before.

I was especially elated when they thanked me for this sudden turn of events for the better. It gives me much pleasure and a humbling sense of fulfillment knowing that the knowledge I gained was able to make a difference in someone’s life.

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From Losing To Winning

Now this client is able to buy land in private memorial park.

This is a true story of a client who came to see me for his Bazi reading and after the reading he decided to give this “young looking” Feng Shui master a try.

Master first changed his office Feng Shui and the business picked up. Then about a year later he engaged Master Alan to improve his house Feng Shui. Again it worked, as the harmony and overall well being of the family has improved.

One day he confessed that before over the 20 years period, he had engaged no less than 10 Feng Shui masters for both properties but none has produced results for him.

Happy today his life have improved.

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San Yuan And San He Case Study

San Yuan 三元 and San He 三合 system of Feng Shui differs in many aspects as they use different formula founded on different theories.

It is not always the 2 system will concur in every case. Listen to this real case of a mall in Malaysia where Master will explain how the two system is being applied in a real life example.

As a Feng Shui Consultant which system will you choose to improve the outcome of this mall?

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Is Flying Star Feng Shui Dying – Part 2

Since the last article posted on this topic was in 2015, perhaps after a long while to revisit and update what has happened ever since, that I have observed. Let me list them and put up some commentary just to update my small group of students & readers.

Still Attacking Flying Star System

Since 20 years plus and still counting, there have been endless “attacks” or provocation that flying star system is inferior and too simple to be taken seriously especially from the San He stream because they believe that Feng Shui is beyond Flying Star based on some failed or sub par result.

Of course there are many fake Flying Star Feng Shui knowledge out there. Some of you may have read my cases on failed Flying Star cases done by others. In the coming future, I will also share a real case in our Youtube channel.

Behind this action there are motives just like the Chinese saying, There can be no waves without wind. Feng Shui schools started this action is to ultimately upsell to other student’s with this FOMO disease. If you look at their course offered, surely they offer a wide variety and San He is surely one of them.

When you put Feng Shui into a purely business perspective and trying to understand the moves, perhaps I will offer a few perspectives and link it to business strategy. Hopefully, I am able to help you open up your third eye!

FOMO Students

There are many people who always fear of missing out because they believe that there is more to offer in Feng Shui because they have been sold the idea that Li Ka Shing uses Feng Shui, you get what I mean?. Thus along this line, they have to impress FOMO with dressings, flouting wealth, posh shops etc to reinforce that with their Feng Shui, one will literally move towards you towards the Li Ka Shing dynasty dream.

FOMO being FOMO, will likely fall into the trap. Some of you reading this may relate well since you are still pretty broke after all the power courses. Nothing anywhere near to being Li Ka Shing in the next 10 years. If you are pretty much where you were before, consider yourself very lucky. Many got worse off after applying these type of Feng Shui. If you know stories like this and would like to share, I welcome your stories here. Someday in the future, I can share a very interesting case of a FOMO. Also watch out my Youtube channel for an upcoming case.

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