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Misguide of Period 9 – Part 2

In this second part on the topic of Period 9, I want to address a common misguide and that is we should change our property to Period 9 to get the best energy.

Another common misconception that certain direction done in Period 8 is good for Period 9. This is a common failure to understand the gist of Xuan Kong concepts.

It creates unnecessary anxiety in people. Of course it is good business for renovation contractors indeed!

There are numerous cases where people after these changes had brought about bad consequences for them. The reason is simple, they believed in the wrong knowledge thus naturally will lead them to a wrong solution and consequently bad results.

It’s like you visited a fake doctor, who is not well trained but eloquent in his presentation, prescribed you the wrong medicine and your sickness not only did not get better but gotten worse!

Real practice of Xuan Kong Feng Shui is not as what is outlined above. I will not delve into the technicalities here but just quote you a few examples, hopefully will open up your mind to the under par Xuan Kong knowledge.

Xuan Kong Period Table

Warren Buffet house

Warren bought the house in 1958 and has been living there since then till today. Technically it was built in the Period of Fire. Now we are in the end of Period Eight. Warren has lived through four Periods. We can safely assume he does not know Feng Shui back in Period Five. Feng Shui only got commercialized in early 2000.

The design of the house has not changed significantly.

Mid Valley Megamall

This is one famous mall that started in 1997 which is the Period of Seven. It has survived few financial downturns, Covid-19 pandemic and yet year on year, it has the highest traffic and most shops inside enjoys good business.

If you go there at say 3pm you will wonder, why there are so many people being jobless hanging out there! Haha…Even though the rent is very high, yet there are queue waiting to open shop there.

It has survived Period 8 without major renovations to the overall external structures. They just did a few internal upgrades.

Until today, I have not heard a satisfactory explanation of the Feng Shui of Mid Valley except the Jade belt formation but that’s Kindy stuff. There are so many businesses within the Jade Belt but why only a few are doing extremely well?

Sek Yuen Restaurant

I guess I do not need to rewrite what has been written so you may as well read it from this link.


Well the restaurant was built in 1953 which is also Period of Five and had thrived and survived till today. You can see the old building today if you pay a visit to the restaurant. The dishes is worth a try.

Again like Warren’s house they too have prospered, fed few families for generations. They did not change every change of Period and yet….

Kong Meng Shan Temple

This is the temple of the famous Monk cum Feng Shui master, Master Venerable Hong Choon. He is to some extent responsible for the prosperity of Singapore thus why many people want to associate themselves with Ven. Hong Choon. I know many masters who claim they are associated with him.

This is the temple built between Period Five and Six. Ven Hong Choon passed away in 1990 and since then there are no one to “upgrade” the Feng Shui of building. You can pay a visit there and see for yourself if the temple drawing a lot of devotees or else.

A Real Example

One person follow the advice of his Feng Shui master and before the Pandemic, they moved out of the house and started a major renovation. They moved back into the house in early of 2022 and by end of 2022 the father had died from sickness while the mother is now wheel chair bound. In just 9 months or so, the bad Feng Shui effect has kicked in.

Their business also have suffered but because they had a reputable business, it will take a longer while to see the negative effects of it. The reason for their decay is because of wrong Feng Shui advice.

My Advice

Have a correct understanding of things in depth before believing blindly and you may save yourself from unnecessary problems and loss of wealth.

There are more examples which I believe you can find from around your neighborhood. These are just a few examples to kick start your thinking and observation.

The point is they have survived through many Period yet without major structural changes, they have prospered too. What does that tell you? What ever you have heard, listen with a pinch of salt because there are many half baked practitioners out there.

I have done my part to educate. To believe me or not, it is up to you. Time will prove it.

If you want to be a Truth Ranger, do share this post with your friends.

Learn from the Real Example. Get a qualified advice if you really want to do it.

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