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Another Sad KL Mall Why a Feng Shui Mall ended up like this? You should find out...
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We have been to the mall when it opened in 2022 and we have observed the mall to concur with this article but perhaps coming from influencers and formal media is a more convincing testimony than we have just said it.

The vendor literally cried from the lack of crowd. I can truly feel her sadness and pain when it’s zero sales is almost a daily story.

This is an interesting mall with a unique background but from our point of view, but it’s current predicament has some to do with the history but same time the Feng Shui formation of the mall too played a part.

I was told it was Feng Shuied. If a Feng Shuied mall has this outcome, then I think in the future no one will believe in Feng Shui anymore. The decision started when the developer made that choice way back in 2015/2016.

In the promotional video, the master convincingly showcased the dragons, water ways and convergence of water using mostly San He theories. The question now is, what happened to the theory that did not produced the promised outcome of success and happiness?

Perhaps a retro inspection is now urgently required. I do hope the master & his team will return and rectify the problem so that Feng Shui industry don’t get a bad name.

Feng Shui is a complicated task and involves not only theories but same time experience to make the Feng Shui formation work or what I call it as “start the engine”. This kind of magnitude of job requires multi facet approach that goes beyond just water flows, dragons and shapes of mountains what lot.

Now that the building structure has been fixed and done, the rectification work is not going to be an easy task. Sometimes client ask me why rectification job cost more, this is because more problem solving skills is required that comes with minimum cost or changes. I am sure no one wants to rebuilt the entire building, right?

Now that it has become of such state, like one guy used to say: “The contractor that drill the hole is not the same contractor that put up the pole.”

Life goes on….

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