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Kek Lok Si Temple & Flying Star

Today is Labor Day and this day is to commemorate the effort and labor of people who have contributed to society. Unfortunately, the a labor of Grand Master Yen Pen has been shadowed for many years and I am partially guilty for not posting up this earlier and this has allowed others to plunder his good effort for years.

Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang has been around for a long time since the British rule in Malaya back in the late 1800s. It was constructed between 1890 to 1905. You may read a bit about it’s history over the internet as there are many resources written about it before.

It is a very famous and prosperous place for a long time and hence it’s fame has attracted many Feng Shui masters and enthusiast to come study to see if it is related to Feng Shui in any way.

Over the past few years quite a few Feng Shui masters and his loyal disciples of the same kind, has touted their Feng Shui method has reign supreme over Flying Star Feng Shui. One example, they used was that Kek Lok Si temple has prospered till today was due to their system’s superiority and that only their system are able to explain the prosperity of this temple.

As to why they need to repeatedly mention that Flying Star system is not a capable system, I don’t know what is their personal grudges against flying star system. To me, when you have known the result of the place, all you need is some creative reverse engineering work to tally the theory to the outcome (good or bad). This is not difficult at all. It is standard industry practice by many aspiring masters.

Why specifically attack Flying Star Feng Shui? Why is there the need to attack other schools? Inferiority Complex ? Why not just proclaim to the world that their lineage is World No 1 ? I am sure there will always be a few loyalist who will believe to the core.

Many students tend follow blindly, they fail to understand that the real skill in Feng Shui is not based on hind sight logic (reverse engineering) but the master’s ability to built and set the formation and later the result comes as predicted during the infancy stage. This is how we do it in all our cases, just read the testimony that we have.

However, not many know that this temple once was having serious financial problems for a number of years and it was rescued by Flying Star Feng Shui. The master responsible for this feat is Grand Master Venerable Yen Pen who is truly a 9 Star Feng Shui system master. The 3 photos are just an extracts of the old diary of our grand master. The full version is with me.

It was mentioned “Looking at the sadness of the abbot, Master Yen Pen could not bear to see the abbot’s sadness so one morning he took his loupan and went to see the abbot and explained to him about the Feng Shui of Kek Lok Si and what has caused the temple’s predicaments. It was in the 1920s then and initially Venerable Yen Pen was reluctant to talk about Feng Shui to the abbot. Luckily, the abbot agreed to the suggestion of Master Yen Pen as to how to change the Feng Shui. The rest is history.

It was in 1924, in the beginning of Period 4, when the year Star 1 arrive at Kun sector and in the 9th month Star 6 arrive at the facing, this is when the good news arrived. It is no doubt when the old text has a saying that 1st Grade masters look at the stars.

It very much reminded me of a case I did to help a friend long time ago, where I was waiting for star 9 to come. When it arrived, the boyfriend got a job!

If you don’t believe me, just make a trip to Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang and ask the abbot, who is Master Venerable Yen Pen. Monks don’t lie, but outside Feng Shui masters may do so without hesitation just to market themselves and enrich their lavish lifestyles.

However, the truth must remains the truth, no matter how much they try to distort it.

The Truth Remains The Truth! Give Credit Where It Is Due To!

In the last page, after the changes we done, the King of Thailand came to rescue with a large sum of donation for the Pagoda of 10 thousand Buddhas. From there on, the problems of Kek Lok Si was slowly resolved and the temple continued to prosper until today due to generous people donating to it. Here you can read it in English dated back 1930. Here is an extract from Wikipedia.

Of course, Wikipedia only recorded the historic event that happened but not why or what promoted the event to happen. Thus why I have always say, Feng Shui is Energy and Energy creates Results!. This is the real skill of a Feng Shui master.

Do I Care Which System Is More Superior?

I am not here to claim which system is better. To me, it doesn’t matter if you do not subscribe to flying star or you hate it for what ever reasons or just want to beat your competition for students. You may claim your system is the best in the world. I am not concerned. Only you and your customers know the truth. While you may lie to the world, you cannot lie to yourself. If you already have the real knowledge, you won’t go everywhere to learn. I am here to make sure the truth prevail and give credit where it is due, back to Ven. Master Yen Pen.

Also just to note this, Master Yen Pen has a very famous student who is also a monk, Ven Hong Choon who founded Singapore’s Kong Meng San Temple. Many masters in the world also claim or try to imply their relationship with Master Hong Choon. Beware of such claims.

Master Yen Pen only taught 100 students in Penang Kek Lok Si before his passing, which he vowed as part of his effort to keep this art alive and one of them is Master Hong Choon. However, Master Hong Choon has no disciples.

This is an evidence of the ability of Flying Star Feng Shui 飞星风水 system or better known by Master Yen Pen as 9 Star method 九星法. I hope readers will keep the truth and be true to the Dharma. Stay away from the fakes who’s primary interests are just money and fame.

I have to say this as well, to master the 9 star system is not easy as it takes time and effort although to learn it is not difficult. At the end of the day, you have to have the affinity with the system and talent in order to know how to make a Feng Shui formation work successfully.

You may read here as an additional reference.

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