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Xuan Kong Da Gua Yin Feng Shui

Xuan Kong Da Gua is a method that was based upon the classics by Master Jiang Da Hong 蔣大鴻 in his works DiLiBianZheng 地理辨正.

DiLiBianZheng Classics

地理辨正 or short DLBZ was a classic that was the result of researched and refined work of Master Jiang Da Hong taken from the works of Master Yang Yun Song who authored the book Qing Nang Ao Yi 青囊奥語 and Tian Yu Jing 天玉经. Master Yang through his works was the precursor to the San He 三合 system today while Master Jiang works lead to the birth of Xuan Kong Da Gua 玄空大卦 which is classified under the San Yuan 三元 system.

The critical words are 辨正, these 2 words simply means to discern the truth. Master Jiang may have discovered the “missing links” or misconception or even perhaps shortcomings to the inner secrets of Master Yang’s works. Thus Master Jiang refined the work of his predecessor. Nonetheless, to be able to do this, it is highly likely Master Jiang is also a learned person in Master Yang’s system or part of his lineage, to be able to grasp and see the inner workings of this system but we never knew.

Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui System

There are many versions of this system out there. The popular versions today are from self learned practitioner from Canada who was an ex-HongKonger. Another teacher from Hong Kong, now deceased is Lam Kwok Hung, who is also the teacher of a famous Feng Shui entrepreneur in Malaysia. Lam like his Canadian counter part, as I was told, is also self learned from book. Then there are the versions from Hong Kong Lineage masters as well from Taiwan. Even in China there are still knowledge but they are more reserved as typical of Lineage schools. They are more conservative in sharing out their inner secrets. If they are accepted into the Lineage, the students have to take an oath to protect the lineage secrets.

Sample of a XKDG luopan rings

A Yin Zhai Case Amidst Covid 19

While most businesses suffered due to the pandemic, this person including his siblings made themselves a big fortune in the year of Geng Zi 庚子 2020. They have been making money since last 10 years or so but this year was an exceptional boost to the their coffers. We try to investigate it from the XKDG system of Feng Shui and see how the ancestral grave produce the results or is Yin Feng Shui embeds the truth or it is merely a myth.

The Xue 穴

The Xue is the spot of the strong energy or commonly called the cave. Sitting Xun 巽 hexagram on an auspicious Yao 爻, thus allowing this Xue to bring with it Authority for the descendant. What is beautiful about this Xue is that is protected by a “Resting Lion” formation to protect this Xue. This Xue is relatively new only about 14 years old but it was after the Xue was built that the descendants life improved especially career wise.

The only probable set back is that young man will have a more turbulent life and will like to leave their home town to achieve success.

The Dragon 龙

Dragon is the source of Qi where it is continuously supplying Qi to the Xue thus continuously albeit slowly prospering the descendants over the years. The dragon is strong with a prominent head shows a rising dragon. A good support for the Xue.

The Waters 水

There are few good water spots to drive in wealth thus the wealth steadily improved over the years although the company was publicly listed in 2001. As you can see, Yin Feng Shui is no magic, it takes time and good human effort as well but with supportive energy it, rises steadily from 0.88 cents to about 3.oo over 10 years. Just before the Pandemic, it was already closing on to 4.00. Then into mid of 2020 it suddenly when on a surge. This surge is to some extent due to global pandemic issues.

One of the water rides in Hexagram of Xuan Kong Element 2 with a Period 3 Gua. This hexagram is especially good for wealth accumulation or property accumulation. It is also part of the family of hexagrams.

The Hills 山

The hills and ridges surrounding the Xue is also important and plays a vital role in ensuring good results apart from helping the descendants in many other human endeavors. One of hill features of the Wen Chang (Scholar) sector give rise to descendants with good academic results.

Timing: Why 2020? 庚子年

On the onset or surface it seems the timing was due to Covid 19 but what if this grave was investigated before, could it have been predicted? Perhaps the coming of Covid 19 made it spectacular but even if without, it will also have a rise in their business performance.

The Lion head was located at the Parent hexagram 父卦 of Kun which prosper the Xue of the Zhen-Xun 震-巽 Family. This hexagram denotes great success and fame and of course wealth too.

The key question was why this year it benefited the 2nd son but yet 12 years ago in another rat 戊子 year it did not benefited him? The key lies within the man’s Hexagram. So you can see the complexity of Yin Feng Shui and it is very taxing to view the entire job or project.

Future prediction

2021 辛丑 and 2022 壬寅 will continue to see the rise of their business. Some awards are expected too. Let’s see who will benefit from it next 2 years. Likeliness will benefit the eldest and the third son.

Yin (Burial) Feng Shui plays an integral part of the entire Feng Shui system that affects us one way or another. Just like it’s counter part of Yang House Feng Shui, it cannot be disregarded and both have good influence to our LIFE outcome.

YIN FENG SHUI – Most Difficult Art

Yin Feng Shui is the most difficult art to master for any Feng Shui master but if one does not know Yin Feng Shui, then there will be a limit to where the skills in the other fields of Feng Shui because Yin Feng Shui is the building block of Feng shui. Thus good Yin Feng Shui masters are hard rare breed and most difficult to train or teach.


At the same time here in Malaysia, another tycoon business empire suffered heavy losses amounting to billions. In fact since the founder of this group passed away about the same time as this grave, that business empire had been facing many set backs and decline in revenue. Perhaps you can argue the son did not had the business acumen of the father, something I would not disagree with you but we believe if we have a chance to investigate that father’s grave, surely there will be an answer to it. From goggle earth, the Xue formation is not on the a good spot. Feng shui if done wrongly, is very predictable in terms of trend, perhaps timing of events may differ slightly due to other external influencing factors.