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Flying Star With Bazi

Today I would like to share a real story about this person Tin Ka ping 田家炳. Who is Tin Ka Ping?.

Tin Ka Ping GBM MBE (Chinese: 田家炳; 20 November 1919 – 10 July 2018), also known as K. P. Tin or Tian Jiabing, was a Hong Kong–Chinese businessman and philanthropist. He was the founder and chairman of Tin’s Chemical Industrial Company and the Tin Ka Ping Foundation. Tin donated billions of Hong Kong dollars and funded hundreds of schools, dozens of hospitals, and thousands of rural libraries throughout China. He was awarded numerous honours for his philanthropy, including the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II, the Grand Bauhinia Medal by the Hong Kong government, a Gold Plate on Contribution to Public Welfare by President Lee Teng-hui of Taiwan, honorary citizenships by more than 80 cities, and honorary doctorate degrees by over ten universities. Chinese astronomers named the asteroid 2886 Tinkaping after him, and his childhood home in Dabu County is protected as a heritage site. (Reference: Wikipedia)

How Has Feng Shui Affected his life journey for as long he stayed there? So before we talk further lets, understand a little more of his life’s journey.

Tin Ka Ping was born in 1919 in the Hakka community of Dabu County, Meizhou, Guangdong Province. His grandfather was a Qing dynasty official who served in Henan Province and fought against the Taiping Rebellion. He was the only son of his father, a businessman who ran a grocery store and a kiln. When his father died in 1935, Tin was forced to quit school at the age of 15 to run the family business.[2][3] He went to Vietnam in 1937 to export the porcelain clay which Dabu is famous for, and soon controlled 60% of Dabu’s export business.[2] However, the Second Sino-Japanese War broke out, and in June 1939 the Imperial Japanese Army occupied Shantou, the main port in eastern Guangdong, blocking the export route from Dabu.[2] Tin moved to Indonesia in 1939 to join his cousin and helped run the latter’s metal factory. After the Surrender of Japan in 1945, he founded a factory in Jakarta to process the abundant supply of local rubber, and later expanded the business with a second factory. In 1956, he started the first plastic film factory in Indonesia.[2] Because of government policies that discriminated against Chinese Indonesians, in 1959 he left Indonesia for Hong Kong.[3] He built a factory in Tuen Mun District making plastics and artificial leather, and his Tin’s Chemical Industrial Company became a leader in Hong Kong’s chemical industry.

His major change was between 1937-1939, 1940-1959, 1960 >

Feng Shui Of Ancestral House

Since I am only expert in Flying Star Feng Shui System, I will show you the flying star chart of this building built in 1881.

This house sits Bing 丙 faces Ren 壬 has a winding road in front and making a turn just right in front of his house. Then there is a stream as well as the Han River flowing from left to right. The entrance to the house is located on the white tiger side of the house thus making the White tiger side shorter than the Green Dragon side.

Naturally I believe that his grand father was a Qing Minister surely he would have engaged a Feng Shui master to feng shui the house for his retirement. What ever method the Feng Shui master has used, I would not know but from what I am the expert at, clearly it is considered good Feng Shui house.

Good Feng Shui is always about receiving the right Waters and Mountains and how the energy is flowed into the house. Mountains have to be beautiful while water should be sentimental. This is the important first step. As the village is surrounded by hills and a river and it conforms to the requirement of Flying Star system of Feng Shui thus it can receive good Feng Shui.

Sentimental Waters & Beautiful Mountains forms the back bone of Good Feng Shui

Sir Dr Tin was born in 1919 in this house. A good house Feng Shui can influence the birth of capable & smart children which later in history proves it. We can turn to his astrology chart later. The river drives good wealth energy to this house together with the snake shaped road. The corner of the road in front of the house is like the head of the snake bringing in the wealth energy. Of course the analysis is much deeper than this but it will be too technical for lay people to understand.

With auspicious energy supporting him thus why during the period of 1937 – 1939 which is the Period of 4 his venture to Vietnam was fruitful but the world event when World War 2 (1939-1945) started, it changed many things but anyway he continued to thrive during Period 5 and beyond. This is because this house formation is so good that it virtually can last many years unlike some house can only last 20 years at best.

The house receives good energy from the Tan Lang which promotes brilliant children as well as nobleman in the house. Thus why it partially explains Tin was a philanthropist with many buildings under his name. Wealth alone without benevolence is a life of little nobility.

In 1935, his father passed away was when the 2 black was at the center and the negative star of Po Jun went to the North side.

BaZi Astrology Chart Of Tin Ka Ping

Everyone of us was born on a certain date and time. From this data we can erect a chart and analyse the destiny of a person. Destiny here it means the life and ability or capacity of one person from birth till death. We do not have his hour of birth but with just the date itself, we are still able to read his chart to some extent.

He was born as the Sun Fire (丙) in a very cold environment thus making him very useful person (philanthropist) because the sun gives warmth to the Nature. Water element in Blue boxes represents his useful Officer (官) which endows him with power and authority. Then he has good amount of earth element (yellow boxes) which allows him the ability to execute plans.

His chart has good wood energy. This soft wood is a beautiful which means he will have fame and nobility as soon as he enters adulthood. In Bazi, a Useful element or we call the Useful God (用神) is paramount to the chart that distinguish it from Grade A to B to C etc.

He has the Pig (亥), Yi (乙) and Wei (未) as the useful god. His chart has no metal element which signifies his wealth but perhaps he has it in the hour pillar?. However in Traditional Bazi, having missing element do not necessarily mean your life will be short of that for example Wealth (财) in his case.

He passed away on 6 August 2018 at the age of 99.

The Major Luck 1933 – 1942

During this major luck of Gui You 癸 酉, was when his father died (1935) and he had to stop schooling and come out to work when he was before 15. This is because the Gui 癸, the snow, adds to the coldness of this already cold chart. Then his career started to grow in 1937 丁丑. The coming of fire Ding 丁 lands a helping hand to chart and also the clash between Chou 丑 and Wei 未 helped released the money god in his chart.

BaZi and Feng Shui In Conclusion

Chinese has since for centuries say Destiny is most important followed by Luck Cycles, third most important is Feng Shui and the list goes on. Destiny and Luck comes under BaZi while Feng Shui coming at third place shows that these are the 2 most important factors for a successful & fulfilling life. In between is about the choices we make, the effort we put in etc…

The rest are of lesser degree…

Thus having a good skills in both BaZi and Feng Shui is of utmost importance compared to other branch of skills in Chinese metaphysics. Both of them independently influences our lives outcome and not what modern practitioners saying that Bazi is diagnosis and Feng Shui is prescription is an error in understanding will lead to an err in outcome.

What to be or who to be is your personal choice from the basket of goods available to you…..


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