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BaZi, Feng Shui And Superstition

Covid 19 did bring changes to the world of astrology and in this interview with Hong Kong fortune tellers they gave a frank and candid answer. I am sharing this in hope to awaken the people who has fallen deep into to superstition realm.

What is metaphysics and what is psychology and what is superstition and ignorance? There is a difference but I believe many people cannot differentiate them clearly. Perhaps let me give you some example on 2 questions that I was recently asked.

Eclipse on 21 June 2020

Some practitioners will say if you are exposed to this eclipse you will have bad luck thus better stay at home. This is superstition and ignorance not Feng Shui. Imagine every now and then there will be eclipse and how many in this world will be exposed to it simply because people like to take a glimpse of it? Will all these people have bad luck?

Eclipse is just another natural phenomena of the universe and it does bring some energy change but not as in causing bad luck to people exposed to it. I myself have been exposed to it but nothing bad has happened. So people, please wake up and not be too easily fooled by unfounded stories.

1 Hour “Feng Shui” is Psychology

Some times I hear of people having this wow effect within an hour of activation or and effect that lasted only 1 month and then it was like back to yesterday. I call this a Spike. This is surely not a Feng Shui effect but either a good date selection effect or positive psychology.

Feng Shui effect should be a trend and not a spike. Trend here means a gradual built up of positive energy over a period of time thus Feng Shui should last for years and not just a week or a month. A case I did in Sydney Australia, have 4 months consecutive business progress. This is a trend despite Covid 19 and this is just one of the many cases under our belt.

What Is Really About BaZi Astrology ?

I read a Bazi (八字) Case end of 2019 for a businessman who was facing financial and business difficulties. He was on the brim of collapse and had to downsize this business to sustain his operations. He was in a bad major luck cycle. I told him the Metal Rat 庚子 year (2020) will be a good year for him so he should take advantage of it. Then on 18 March Malaysian government announced a lock down termed MCO (movement control order) and subsequent to this a moratorium of 6 month grace period was given by the banks, in some way gave him a big relief at least financially. On top of it the situation gave him some leverage to renegotiate with the banks. This is what he shared with me lately.

So while the pandemic brought in sufferings for many, it saved many as well from other host of issues. This clearly states, astrology of which BaZi is part of it, is not for world order or world event prediction. Applying this concept does not merit correctness to the art but rather more of the luckiness of the person making the prediction.

Summing Up

Astrologers or metaphysics consultants are humans and not Demi gods and this is one important that human must remember. Their job is to give you a guidance based on the knowledge they have acquired.

Second to this, we ought to have the correct perspective of the various tools of the trade since each tool is meant for different task. There is no one tool for all tasks. This can only be achieved if only one has acquired the correct knowledge from the right master.

Fame and wealth is a product of our Time and Date of birth plus many other factors such as effort etc but nonetheless, it can be read from our BaZi Chart. Every person has their own unique role is society, same goes with metaphysics consultants.

Note: BaZi chart is derived from our date and time of birth and sex.

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