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The Little Known Fact Of Flying Star

Flying star feng shui has been a too common knowledge in the Feng Shui field to the point there are many variations of it. Some schools of Feng shui also offer them different sets of theory at different times. If you ask the old students they were told to use the Construction date while the newer batch in the last 8 years or so were told to use the Move in date to determine the period of the property. Thus why is that so if they claimed to be a teacher of classical Feng Shui. The word classical could easily have meant above 300 years old so why change after a span of 14 years. Don’t you agree? Doesn’t it says something about the knowledge they possess?

With the commercialization of Feng Shui today, it is no wonder aspiring students faces this dilemma. Do you know the clear answer? You better be very sure because your decision is going to affect your clients! Remember wrong diagnosis, wrong prescription and wrong prescription will lead to wrong outcome!

There are many other examples of half baked knowledge of Feng Shui, thus finding the Right Feng Shui master is really a matter of the the client’s luck in modern days. In the old days it was much easier. Then what about the ability to follow through the advice? It is even harder for most people today to just follow through instructions.

Here is a case where I stumbled upon a unit where it was empty and rented by my client. The door obviously has been Feng Shuied… and upon measurement we found out this:

Auspicious 8 star in front but went bust….

The office had a good door with star 8 the most timely star now but why did the business not survived? Flying Star Feng Shui is a very deep study but what is taught out there is only the superficial part of it and most are also deficient is some application.

Feng Shui is about having the Right Knowledge and not just any knowledge. Feng Shui is a practical study thus how is it possible to study online a few days and proclaim you are a Feng shui practitioner?

Feng Shui has Karma because what you do to others will come back to you or your descendants if you bring disaster to them.

Feng Shui is about the right & practicing teacher who has proven results in actual field results.

After changes, the business has improved despite challenging economic times.

Get your property energy right, the result will fall in place with effort…