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Learning Feng Shui Online

Covid 19 changed the fate of 2020 and will be one of my most memorable years to come. So better I pen a few lines on what I have observed here.

Due to the pandemic, many places were forced to closed for almost 3 months and this has take a heavy toll on most business especially brick and mortar business. In our industry the same as Feng Shui Consultants are not able to work in the field. Thus it begs the question why not in the past? The answer is simple because Feng Shui audit is best done on site for various practical reasons.

So what happened during this period is some industry peers have taken Feng Shui audit and Learning to Online Platform. This resulted me being bombarded by students & friends the question, can it be done effectively? So instead of me answering every individual maybe I pen a few words here about what I think as a practicing consultant for the last decade.

Online Feng Shui Training

This will depend why you want to learn Feng Shui. If the reason to learn is for interest, being bored, to satisfy owns curiosity or for academic discussion then I would say its fine and doable. This would be a perfect opportunity to do it.

If the purpose is to learn and hopefully help your own career or business then I would say it is dangerous. There are many reason as to why but suffice to say that I have come across many cases of 2nd or even 3rd time Feng Shui because they got themselves into trouble. Of course you will never see this or read this on Facebook as they are already suffering in silence. You only get to hear their personal side of their stories, whom they learned from etc. This is also why client’s confidentiality is important to me.

So my sincere advice is don’t learn online if you plan to implement it onto your own house or office. If you are lucky you get away but chances are high people get into trouble.

Learning Feng Shui starts with having the correct knowledge. Since there are so many knowledge out there, which is the effective one? Then will have to go through the training and how conduct real practical audits. This you cannot learn via paper notes and videos. Its alike how to be chef if you don’t have kitchen experience under the guidance of a Master Chef? Mind you Feng Shui is much more complicated than cooking.

Feng Shui Online Consultations

Feng Shui is about energy but an energy you cannot smell, measure, feel or see. If you do something it will alter the energy of your property which in turn affects you but you don’t know if its for better or worse until couple of months later. Till then you probably have forgotten about it because you will be too busy fighting fire. So while its a little glamorous to be a Feng Shui master (which I admit), the rule is Don’t Harm Yourself first!

If Feng Shui audit and learning can be done effectively in the past why do it during Covid 19 period when Internet has been around for at least 20 years? It’s like finding real Doctor or Doctor Quack.

Unless the other end knows how to handle the compass, it can be dangerous. There could be hidden features within/surrounding the property you cannot see well if are not there but a feature that is very important. I would be very cautious about doing this unless there is a good reason to do so.

Believe me or not you can try. If you get into trouble after a D.I.Y. case, here is the S.O.S email: fengshuimastery@hotmail.my. Send us with the SUBJECT : SOS DIY & your description of your story and we may just give you a discount.