Feng Shui & Bazi

Many a times during a consultation, clients asks “Don’t you need to read my Bazi before the Feng Shui audit?”. Let’s study a little both arts and I will give my conclusion and reasons.


Bazi or Phat Chee (cantonese) literally means 8 characters. It is actually an art to help decipher what’s has been instilled into us when we are born into this world. The chart below is an example of Bazi where it is a Chinese version of our Date and hour of birth.

XinMao2011 Bazi

Bazi tell us our characters, Bazi tells us what are the strengths and weaknesses we inherited when we draw in our first breath on this planet. Hence Bazi is classified as destiny astrology.

Many of us knows our problems and strengths and usually they last a lifetime and even if not it will influence us in much of our lives. Some may know the problems and strengths early or consciously. Some find them out later or they only have a vague idea of their problems or strengths. The third type knows but rather live in denial or felt helpless about it.

Luck Cycle

Within the study of Bazi, there is a component known as Luck Cycle. Luck cycle begins at certain age and changes after 10 years. This is known as Major luck. Minor luck refers to the annual luck and monthly luck. Though they have less significance to our overall destiny, sometimes they are vital in giving us the much needed break in life.

Sometimes in life you see why a poor person rises up to riches in mid age has something to do with the luck cycle or a rich man suddenly became a bankrupt. It brings some events to our lives may it be good or bad.

Together the Bazi and Luck cycle determines the drama of our lives, how far do we go in life, why we always have this problem or why someone intelligent but yet becomes physical handicapped. To chinese, they are sometimes called Heavenly Luck or God given to other religion.

Feng Shui

Feng shui is another field of study. Ancient people discovered that there are other elements that influences a person’s life and they discovered that one of the other significant factor is also known as Feng Shui. The research into Feng Shui started as far as 4000 years ago but it became a system probably around only 2000 years ago. Since then there have been many schools or methods created in the name Feng Shui.

Fung Shui

Ancient discovered that where we live, how certain topography can affect our being. They also discovered that apart from where (location) we live can affect us, how we face (direction) the house too has significant affect to our lives. So from here they find ways to tap this energy of location and direction to help them improve their lives or to reduce the problems of their destiny. city landform

Location can mean couple of things but broadly, landforms, the place where you live while Direction is derived from formulas created depending on the school or method. This is the reason why many authors classify Feng Shui schools into landform schools (Luan Tu) and compass (Li Qi, formula) schools. Technically this is wrong. The real fact is they go hand in hand, just like coffee and coffee mate! 🙂 Feng Shui is also known as Earthly Luck.

Living with bad Feng Shui is an awe full thing because Feng Shui can be a silent killer. Day after day, month after month, year after year and yet you don’t know what and where went wrong. When you look back you only realize it was down trend since living in the house.

Making Sense of Them Both

I would like to share with you a real Bazi consultation case where I read a person’s who enquired about his career. I read and I told him his biggest obstacle is his lack of confidence and he is never seen as significant in the eyes of his boss and the reason is most likely he does not “publicize” his achievement or even if he does, his boss would likely brush it off as “well it is your job”. This is a typical Bazi problem.

The root of the problem likely comes from 2 areas. One he has to correct his flaws of his Bazi i.e. to built his self confidence. I can present you a big opportunity but what if you are not confident to accept it? Still there will be no deal, right?

Another case is of a person whom I advise that he is strong in taking actions but from his Bazi, the more drastic or the more actions he takes, the chances he would make the problems worse off. This is the sickness of his Bazi. Admittedly, he would have gone further in life but today he is just an ordinary Joe because in his course of life, he offended many people through his actions. Now the people he dropped are doing better without him. Now he is well into his sixties, seems he has just realized it.

While Feng Shui can in both cases present them with opportunities, they will still not make it big time. Perhaps with better human factor brought about by good Feng Shui, they meet noble helpers to help them make the improvements or he may get better opportunities but yet if the first person does not step up, there will be no deal. If the 2nd does not improve the way he deal with people, the opportunities will soon end in heart breaks or broken deals though he may be better off financially. In the long run, he may be richer but only known to be a ripper. Where is there the meaning of wealth without reputation or respect? This cannot be classified as nobility.

The Confusion

As time evolved, many continue to interpret the classics left over by the foregone masters and through their limited understanding, since many do not have a lineage, they created new methods. Methods we classify has Jiang Wu or societal people earning a living. Usually their modus operandi is to tell you about your Bad Bazi and then continue to use Feng Shui as a solution, like saying Bazi to diagnose and Feng Shui as prescription. As a result of hundred of years, many tend to think that they are indeed a diagnostics tool and the other the solution.


So Bazi and Feng Shui is two different discipline with different purposes. Each of them is a deep subject individually. You need to cure a Bazi problem with positive actions while Feng Shui problems with proper selection and combination of formulas of directions and location. Then as time goes by, things will re-shape and shaped. Like the saying of Tao, “Change is the only Constant.”

If you read between the lines, you will notice two important invisible component, Actions and Time.

Therefore, to have a better life, you need to work on both factors individually and not using Bazi to determine the Feng Shui. I would rather say Bazi is the package while Feng Shui is the enhancer. You may want to read this related article.