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Case Study – South Facing An Inauspicious Facing?

Yesterday my client bought me a dinner because he was happy to share his results with me.

This is a case of client with a Period 8 house and South Facing and was having 88 main door.



Brief History

He first engaged a master from Singapore, then followed by a famous female Master who held yearly conference with her partner and finally another master from Southern Malaysia. The red master said to him that this house is not favourable to him since his Bazi requires him to stay in an East Facing house as his Bazi favourable element is wood.

All of them did not yield any results during the past 3 plus years and when 2012 arrived, one by one family members was warded into hospital.

Why they did not see it coming or at least to set the formation right so as to avoid such a big disaster?

The Outcome

So I am the 4th, as usual and after the audit, he was relocated to the room down stairs and had a new room door opened. In just a few months, his business started to pick up and their health has showed improvements. The wife has also good results for her career.

No putting of auspicious items or figurines, no Green Dragon nor White Tiger formation, just simple relocation of couple of things.

The reason they did not manage to improve their life was simply they did not see the problem. When you do not see the problem naturally one will not be able to prescribe the correct solution.

Is South a Bad House?


Also The Female celeb master mentioned to the owner that this house is not suitable for him and had advice him to move out because a South Facing House is not usable to him.

Same time I read this on website I qoute here “According to xxxx Feng Shui, regardless of which year the house was built, this house is basically inauspicious to be lived by men. Rule of thumb, Kan House with South door is usually uncomfortable and unlivable by men.” Unquote.

This case is a living prove that South Houses are not necessarily unfavourable to men or neither it is correct to ascertain the auspiciousness of a house solely using a person Bazi or 4 Pillars.

It also goes to show that having an  Auspicous Door do not guarantee you good feng shui!

Feng Shui is an independent subject that requires specific skills handed down through proper lineage.

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