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马来西亚风水大师 – 中文版

Feng Shui Consultant Malaysia | Selangor | Johor | Ipoh

We are migrating in stages this page to a more clean and focused site & should you be interested in a real feng shui master to consult your premises, please proceed to this link at



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11 thoughts on “Feng Shui Consultant Malaysia”

  1. Hi

    My name is lucy and I am interested to learn chinese metaphysis . Can I learn date of selection with you is it possible?


    1. Hi Lucy,
      thanks for your interest but at the moment we are not offering any courses. If you have specific topics of interest, perhaps you can write to qimgmt@yahoo.com and we can consider blogging on it….thank you.


      1. blogg some simple date selection for Water / Fire / Earth Element person etc..


  2. Dear Allan,

    Do you have any redeem for anyone whose Bazi is very terrible? I am like on a barren land, My newly 4 years of marriage is broken, my husband is now with another woman, I have no job, I am aimless, I have no direction in life. I have a roof over my top, a house of all my memories haunting me, a house where silent is louder than any noise.

    My bad bazi is the result of my Bad karma? what have I done in my previous life to accumulate such bad karma

    Can I redeem myself from hardship & sufferring? I am like floating in an ocean with no island in sight. I want to help myself yet I am helpless. Allan can you give me some insight where I can seek help?


    1. Hi Lucy,
      There are many things you can do to move forward in life and basically is just a few things.
      1. You have to let go. Taking on the negative emotional baggage is just going to drag you down. Knowing your bazi is like knowing yourself but what counts is what you do to improve it or what you are willing to do or change. Finding youf path of least resistance and focus on your strengths. In Bazi, if the timing is there it will happen which people call it fated. You can find out from Bazi is what is the fastest way of getting out of it.
      If it is due to your character, accept that fact & then you have to change it through concious daily effort.

      2. Improve your house fengshui. Feng shui is the known best balancer to a person’s destiny apart from our positive mental attitude. Now Feng shui is not going to change your life completely but it will help you rebalance your life and maximise your living. e.g. FS will not make you a multi-millionaire if your destiny does not have it but will surely improve your financial position even you are in low luck periods. Sometimes feng shui is the problem. I have seen cases after moving into a house, things starts to deteriote.

      3. Let go and move on then you can free yourself again to reach the skies you meant to be. I don’t say it is going to be easy but surely it is possible. Having said all, it will take time so the faster you drop that baggage of yours the faster you get back on track.

      There is no bad life, all life was meant to be good only different routes to it. After you get through this obstacle Happiness will shine on you. Have faith.


  3. Like the new look…very clean and easy to navigated, plus great information. Good work!


  4. Hola Maestro Alan:

    Después de haber colocado la cama usando Xuan Kong Da Gua, ¿cuánto tiempo hay que esperar para ver resultados?

    Roberto Ruiz


  5. Hi Alan Master:

    After placing the bed using Xuan Kong Da Gua, how long does it take to see results?

    Roberto Ruiz


    1. Hi Roberto,
      There are few versions of XKDG in the market.
      It depends on several factors but one of it can be “calculated” as to the time of happening according to the person’s Date of Birth.



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