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Is Flying Star Feng Shui Dying?

Here is an interesting article by feng shui master. He claimed that Flying Star Feng Shui is dying but originally he meant to “correct” the celebrity lady master. I shall call the attacking master Master 丙 while the celebrity master, Master 丁.


Article from the Master 丙

So I took some time to understand his reasoning as well as the lady master’s article. While it is not my intention to comment on the lady’s master’s analysis, because that is not my business or interest. However, when I look at the flying star chart, the answer is very obvious from flying star point of view. Remember we have no information about the internal layout but the external factors are enough to tell the problem.

I understand that there are many flying star schools out there but we should not be confused between those from the real lineage and those who self study from Shen lineage, since you will find in 90% of the flying star practitioner out there are from Shen Zhu Reng (Author of the book: Shen Shi Xuan Kong Xue).

What the attacking Master 丙 is referring to as “Double Star Knocking Door” ? He refers to this chart which belongs to the adjacent ware house:-

Bkt Kemuning factory Jia
Warehouse Building or so called the Double Star Knocking Door

The Analysis

The Main office chart is shown below which is detached from the ware house and has a different facing. It’s a small building facing the highway or freeway to some countries.

Bkt Kemuning factoryThe factory according to the original celebrity female author, Master 丁, the company was making a loss and Master 丙 further stated it continue to lose even after the correction. Just for information, that even after the correction, the main office still holds the same chart.

(I will not show any photos here but I will try to describe the situation since the owner has already suffered so much & you can refer them at Master 丙 website.)

I shall only focus on the Main Office where the bulk of the decision making is, to illustrate flying star concepts.

First flaw is the timely wealth start is “missing” in our technical terms and this will inadvertently affect the wealth factor. There is an incoming highway coming from the NE sector as well as busy cross over at the NW sector. These two sectors will bring in the bad qi to the main office that is Sitting Wu facing Zi (sit south face north).

The Bad Qi from the NE sector brings loss of wealth, theft, robbery etc while the bad qi from NW brings in obstacles and problems since 5 Yellow is the most disastrous energy.

The final kill comes from the main gate which is located at the East side of the building. Probably due to security reasons, the entire movement of trucks and people will pass through this main gate. How can it not do bad? It is so bloody obvious!

If you know the deeper knowledge of Wu Chang sect, the main door which is having the 7 9 will not be able to help his business back then and it will explain why from 2007 till 2013 it will have tough time having a good gross profit. Feng shui has a time factor attached to it. It is only if you know or don’t.

Feng Shui & Bazi

But I have to agree with Master 丙, Bazi and Feng Shui is separate subject and while they share the same 10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches, the application is entirely different. I have also shared a case on this subject.


If the owner had chosen to engage the right feng shui master, it could have save him the heart aches and financial losses. His destiny perhaps.?

Is flying star dying? I think not. In fact true authentic knowledge will carry down the generations. It does not need publicity, by virtue of the results, they will be carry down the generations.

Non lineage or Shen style flying star will also not diminish any time soon but their practitioner may suffer from bad results over time. To learn or not authentic feng shui is up to the person and is a little tied to the person’s karma.

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