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HSBC Building Hong Kong

Recently I was introduced to a book by a famous celebrity Master. I took interest to read about what a Shen school of flying star practitioner would read the Feng Shui of this building and how it differs from Wu Chang. One of the chapter that talking about the HSBC building in central Hong Kong.

The book was written many years ago in the late nineties. The author has mentioned and explained why the building was doing well in Period 7 which was between 1984 till 2003. The author also went on to comment that this building auspiciousness will last till Period 8 which is 2004 till 2023.
Where I do not agree is:
1)The author mentioned that human harmony is not that good due to the mountain star 7 went into waters of Victoria Harbour but is off-set by the hills on Kowloon side.
2)The author mentioned the Water star 7 in the front door has assured the prosperity of the bank in Period 7 while the rear door has a Water 8 with a busy road of Queens Road, which is good for wealth through Period 8.  He designated buildings as virtual mountains.
Assumption: His flying star chart is correct.

There are somethings I do not agree the author’s analysis according to Wu Chang Flying Star method.
Before I share my analysis, let have a brief understanding of the said building. Here is the Chart of a Sitting South Facing North Building. I have also the map of the building here.
 HSBC HK mapHSBC HK enlarge
Human Factors
When I look the the chart and the landforms surrounding this building, I would say it will be good during Period 7 but not so much as for Period 8 human factor wise.  (Human factor is governed by the Sitting Stars)
This will ensure a steady growth of the business in Period 7 with a good talent pool of management staff.
During Period 8 the Sitting Star 8 is at the SW sector and supported by the hills of Victoria Peak will bring about good human factors together with Sitting 6 & Sitting 1 all strongly supported by landforms. This will give this building strong human factors.
We just have to be on the lookout since it violates Xuan Kong Water Method Theory.

Since good Human factor represents among many things which include, wise decision making, good talent pool or harmonious working environment, you will notice this from Period 7 right through to Period 8.

Wealth Factors

Money wise, it is really good during Period 7 because it falls under a special chart which makes it very good for wealth matters. I reckon this bank will progress during Period 7. In Period 8, it should continue to do so but it will see some decline in Period 8 relatively. Here is why: If you look at the rear side of the building it has 6-8-4 facing stars. This formation is less favourable for profit ratios /shareholder returns/returns on assets related matters in Period 8 compared to Period 7 relatively Feng Shui wise.
While many may argue the road activation will enhance the Facing 8 star or some will say Facing 4 is controlling Facing 8. This is not the only factor because there is a second part to it. The lucky part of this building is it has a favourable main door.
2004 & 2013 should be a good years for shareholders when the Annual 5 goes to center with all the auspicious stars arriving at the appropriate sectors.

The more serious year may happen especially year 2014 when the 4 goes to center with Annual 5 in the NW sector. It will face financial set back.

According the Xuan Kong Flying star 3 2 combination is a problematic combination related to financial setbacks apart from possible legal issues.

Nonetheless, the write up by the author is educating. Who is Shen Zhu Ren and how did Shen style came about? I will talk about Shen in my next Feng Shui posting.


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