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HSBC Building Hong Kong

Recently I was introduced to a book by a famous celebrity Master. I took interest to read about what a Shen school of flying star practitioner would read the Feng Shui of this building and how it differs from Wu Chang. One of the chapter that talking about the HSBC building in central Hong Kong.

The book was written many years ago in the late nineties. The author has mentioned and explained why the building was doing well in Period 7 which was between 1984 till 2003. The author also went on to comment that this building auspiciousness will last till Period 8 which is 2004 till 2023.
Where I do not agree is:
1)The author mentioned that human harmony is not that good due to the mountain star 7 went into waters of Victoria Harbour but is off-set by the hills on Kowloon side.
2)The author mentioned the Water star 7 in the front door has assured the prosperity of the bank in Period 7 while the rear door has a Water 8 with a busy road of Queens Road, which is good for wealth through Period 8.  He designated buildings as virtual mountains.
Assumption: His flying star chart is correct.

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