Feng Shui & Bazi

Many a times during a consultation, clients asks “Don’t you need to read my Bazi before the Feng Shui audit?”. Let’s study a little both arts and I will give my conclusion and reasons.


Bazi or Phat Chee (cantonese) literally means 8 characters. It is actually an art to help decipher what’s has been instilled into us when we are born into this world. The chart below is an example of Bazi where it is a Chinese version of our Date and hour of birth.

XinMao2011 Bazi

Bazi tell us our characters, Bazi tells us what are the strengths and weaknesses we inherited when we draw in our first breath on this planet. Hence Bazi is classified as destiny astrology.

Many of us knows our problems and strengths and usually they last a lifetime and even if not it will influence us in much of our lives. Some may know the problems and strengths early or consciously. Some find them out later or they only have a vague idea of their problems or strengths. The third type knows but rather live in denial or felt helpless about it.

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