Case Study, Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star For Business

Today is a very fruitful day. 2 important things happened.

Firstly , met a sheng ji client and was sharing with me his progress in his career that went beyond both of our imagination. A very good pay offer. Literally, the sheng ji already paid for itself.

Secondly, the meeting took place at a restaurant that was done by my student back in 2019. Since then the restaurant business has enjoyed good business and also survived the pandemic. It is not a spike but rather a long trend of good business well over 4 years.

My client observed the restaurant for a while and he was surprised with I shared with him that was a feng shui restaurant done 100% using our system of Flying Star Feng shui.

How much ROI has the owner gotten over the 4 years?
Here is a tip, be an employee of a good feng shui company, every year you have bonus. Feng shui masters don’t have annual bonus. šŸ™‚

Why was he shocked ? There were no elaborate feng shui features in the restaurant, the main door faced directly the back door, the cashier was below the beam no expensive renovations, no use of social media and bloggers yet he had to queue for a seat.

Client also added a remark that the same row of shops, most of them dont do well. Most of all he finally understood what is really Feng Shui.

With so many cases done with ONLY with Flying Star and XKDG for yin feng shui, surely it cannot be a fluke shot. The key is do you know how to use it or did you get the correct method.

That is the ART to how make a Feng Shui work well.

Here are some photos client sent me while i was on the way.

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