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Feng Shui For Condominium And Apartment

High Rise is the future trend in property as land is getting scarce. This is very evident in Singapore and Hong Kong where land is really scarce and less. Malaysia is catching up fast too.

I am more familiar with Malaysian and Singapore Feng Shui since I have many clients here.

So the question is, Is High Rise Property less Auspicious compared to landed ? In my book Winds of Change – The Myth and Truth of Feng Shui and Bazi, there is a case about how an little apartment that violated most Feng shui taboos did well after moving it. You can read it out in the book available on Amazon or Kinokuniya in Malaysia.

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Feng Shui In Singapore

Since Singapore has the most high rises such as Condominum and HDB apartments, I shall focus my article on the cases I have done in Singapore. Some of them are a redo of famous Feng Shui Masters in Singapore.

To begin with, conceptually Feng Shui for Condominium and Apartment are audited the same way as a landed property except for a few new twist. This kind of Feng shui is more complicated since it is not well documented in the old Chinese Feng Shui Classics. Thus a strong understanding of the concepts of Feng Shui is very important.

A lousy doctor at most kills a patient but a lousy Feng Shui Master can kill the entire family. I will share some short cases below. Stayed tuned.

The 2 usual major complications are how to determine the Facing of the unit and The Period of the unit.

Apartment or Condo Facing Direction

There are many theory on this and usually this is the most difficult part when it comes to condominium due to the architects incorporating fancy design to attract buyers. Some would say the balcony facing, some say the entrance door, some say take the entire building facing and their opponent says no! It’s the unit facing that matters.

Of course I cannot disclose it here because that is my trade secret. However, all of them are possible but one has to know which is the one to use after considering the building design that one is auditing.

Which ever method one uses, the master has to be sure of the method he uses. For example, some may use Xuan Kong Da Gua but are not sure of the Facing then the effects is only placebo or effects very unstable.

Period of the Building

This is usually the 2nd complication. Different schools uses different theory to audit the premise. Some uses construction date of the building, some uses the time of moving while some uses the date of the 1st person moving in.

All these needs a lineage knowledge to clearly tell when to use which theory. If you are not sure what’s a lineage and why it is so important, you may read here.

Why the period is important? In each period, different directions of the house gives you the chart that maps out your house energy. Get it correct, then you will have a good chance to succeed in life. Get it wrong, the entire analysis will be faulty and disaster will creep in as I will share below.

Here are some of the Feng shui cases that I have done in Singapore and all of them are either Condominium, HDB apartments and Commercial building.

The Kallang Slide

The wife was suffering from cancer for sometime. The husband career was also been on the low. When I arrived there, I noticed the Feng shui formation was wrong. Even if we apply remedy, the improvement would only be little. I suggest that they move out since external factors was beyond their control. Save the renovation cost for moving.

This is why I always caution people to do a Feng Shui selection before purchase. External factors are beyond our control and why settle for low grade Feng shui house? Even you do not get a super Feng shui one at least not a bad one.

Sembawang Sub Let

This was owner who had to downsize after the last Feng Shui did not work. He relocated and rented a space at his friend’s shop and was devastated with Feng Shui. On the encouragement of a friend, he decided to give Feng Shui a last shot.

In this particular case, correctly determining the Period is very important because this building is very old and the friend occupied this building much earlier. So which period to consider for this sub let unit which he moved-in in 2017?

This is a commercial large building lot with multiple entry. After we re layout the office, business was booming. Now he is no more busy looking for clients, he told me he is now busy entertaining or attending to clients.

Bukit Timah Failed Op

This lady lost her job in a retrenchment exercise. Prior to that she had a Feng shui done but when I visited her unit it was obvious one of the door were angled. However, i was to point out, things will not improve much after this “operation”. She confirmed it because it was the wrong door that he made the changes.

It cost her the job when the 5 yellow came to the house. When the wrong remedy was applied then the problem will surely recur when the timing is right.

The reason was the master have mistaken the Facing of this unit! Thus why I am able to predict what happened and when it happened in the house.

Rebel of Chua Chu Kang

This client while staying in CCK, was facing 2 major problems. One was the poor health of wife and the second was the 2 daughters was really naughty.

So they decided to move and found a condominium unit in Clementi. After the Feng shui was done, there was gradual improvement for both earlier issues mentioned. It is attributed to beautiful land formations. Thus to say that Singapore has no good land formations is a testimony of the master’s skills.

The parents were surprised the daughter’s change in behavior. The bonus was the father career did progress and he was first promoted and later found another better paying job 1.5 after the promotion.

Sick Children At Jurong

This was also a Feng shui done by another famous Feng shui master. He picked that house specifically for the client. After moving in, for a year plus the 2 children was constantly sick and the couple career was also stagnant. The wife was not so lucky, the job got even more stressful.

This was a case because the Period he used was wrong thus resulted in the wrong analysis. The entire family was badly affected. Need not to say that caused the problems in this HDB executive unit. So you see, a poorly trained but famous has brought bad Feng Shui affects to the entire family.

I correctly identified the issue thus correctly solve the problem. Later, the sickness problem gradually decrease and the owner found a new job at last. Soon not long after the wife too found a better job.

Jurong Factory Half Moon

This case was also done by a old famous master in Singapore who did a half moon formation for the owner. Unfortunately the business did not pick up. When I audited the place I noticed the door angle was wrong.

So after correctly identified the problem, we corrected the angle and things slowly started to pick up again.

Potong Pasir Stove

This was the case of redo. The client after moving into the private condominium pent house, engaged a Feng shui master to audit. Based on the layout they asked the ID to layout the unit according to the master advice.

After that, slowly the husband career got into trouble and ended up jobless. From a good promising till stress and due to politics, he was forced to leave the job. The health was also affected.

The problem lies with the master wrongly determine the Facing direction and thus faulty analysis of the condo unit. This resulted in the wrong prescription and naturally bad outcome that affected the head of the family.

The Kovan Curse

This is a unit 9 years old but a young man was not doing well and everything was like cursed to fail from career to relationship. It was all because of the room he was staying wasn’t conducive for him. In the Feng Shui Classics, it is known as 賦: 坎,中

To begin with, the Facing of this condominium was rather tricky. However, after careful study, we found that the bedroom energy was suppressing his career growth as well destroy the family bonding. After the Feng Shui alterations, his career and relationship with family is slowly showing signs of improvements.

Spirit of SengKang

After staying for a almost 2 years, everything gone down the drain. The marriage was ruined for the newly wed. The career for both of them also got stuck and filled with obstacles.

Financial position also went down thus making alternations a difficult on top of the estranged relationship.

There were also spirits in the house. The previous Feng shui master could not detect the source of this problem and only cured the symptom i.e. remove spirits but not solve the Feng Shui Defects that caused it.

This is the case of the wrong Qi mouth directing continuous bad energy into the house. Ir was a case where the master measured at the wrong place.

High Rise Feng Shui Tips

  1. Due to the complexity of modern architecture it is best to choose a real Feng shui master to audit since buying a house is a high investment, it will be best to check the Feng shui of the unit before purchase.
  2. If after staying in the unit for sometime & you noticed things aren’t going anywhere then likely it is a Feng Shui problem.
  3. Do not be too worried about T-Junctions, Wind Gaps, Pillars, seeing another door right in front your unit or kitchen in front etc. Real Feng Shui can handle all these.
  4. Do not fall into the South Facing Rush. Good Feng Shui is available everywhere, in fact for Feng Shui during Period 8, North Facing, North East or West Facing house can have very good Feng Shui too.
  5. Don’t be too concerned about House numbers. There is no such thing as good Feng shui house numbers.
  6. If your balcony door is facing the house unit door, that will not cause problems. Real Feng Shui can help overcome it.

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