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As part of the anniversary of this Blog, I am opening this special page for my readers to Ask any questions pertaining to Bazi, Feng Shui and about anything in Chinese Metaphysics. I may not be able to answer all the questions since I am not expert in every field but as I may, I will present my views on it.

I have limited time and hence I will choose the questions that are relevant to the subject mentioned and postings that are for the betterment of human live.

The Rules are:

  1. You can ask questions regarding your current study.
  2. Please do not expect it is going to be a Free consulting site.

Property Feng Shui Second Opinion

If you are concerned about your house after being feng shuied for more than a year and things don’t seems to be going the right way, you can email to with description & history of your property. I will give a macro run through and my possible comments here.

Question from Reina
I have done a FS audit of my place but unfortunately nothing is happening. I cannot attract prosperity. My house faces NE and sits SW while my store faces NW and sits SE. Both are period 8 coz my move in date was covered in period 8. I am a gua 9. What do you think should I do? Thank you.

Answer to Reina

That depends on what was the expectation from the audit and how long ago it was done. Feng Shui is no magic, it needs time to built up. At least give it 1 year. Sometimes FS is not about being able to help make the business into a millionaire because many factors beside FS is also important. Many consultants or masters over promise to get business. FS can attract people to the business, smoother operations and reduce unnecessary losses or even attract good staffs if done correctly.

NE facing houses are quite a delicate job because the chances of getting bad FS is high. It depends on the skills of the master.

It is a common fallacy that Period 8 houses are better during Period 8. This is quite common assumption among rookies.

So depending on the factors outlined above, either wait a little longer, feedback to your consultant or get a new audit if all the above did not yield further results.

Question from Priya

When doing fengshui of a house , what is the sequence we go by? First we get a mountain and water stars from Birth chart of the building . Do we make the present age chart too? and lo shu numbers? about combination numbers- do we combine lo shu numbers and base numbers of age chart or mountain or water stars or present age numbers?
I would be highly obliged if you could tell me which star numbers to observe step by step. like water and mountain stars then lo shu numbers and then combination numbers and so on. and how do we cure the combination stars?

Alan Answer to Priya

Hi Priya,
Generally, the sequence is in this:

  1. determine the facing
  2. take the measurement
  3. determine the period (flying stars only)
  4. plot the natal chart
  5. check it against your house
  6. check against landforms
  7. Read the various sitting and facing star like on main doors etc.
  8. Just use the combination of Sitting+Facing star will do.

The first 3 steps are the most crucial and different schools practice differently and sometimes can be a daunting task.
Unfortunately as we livee in a imperfect world, not all bad are possible to cure. Sometimes you may but sometimes you just have to avoid it. A simple cure for the most deadly star 5 is a copper bell, for instance, but a cure is just like giving a discount to the problem. It does not solve the problem.
Post note: Fengshui is a subject that, to be honest, cannot just read from books. You need a lineage master to guide since there is always the question of subjectivity and objectivity within.

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Question from Sergey

Are the criteria “7 Star Robbery Formation” in the 9 period charts facing on Bing (丙)? Does it charts steal prosperity from the future?

Alan Answer to Sergey

No, Bing in Period 9 is not a 7 Star Robbery Formation.
The Chart does not really steal prosperity but rather borrow it to be used in current period (Period 9). The good thing is you don’t have to pay back. This is only hypothetical since during Period 9, this formation does not happen.

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Question from Kevin

Hi master how do you determine the facing direction of a condo or apartment? Secondly can we change the natal chart of a house from period 7 to 8 by doing renovations? Kindly advise. Tqvm.

Alan Answer to Kevin

This is a common problem faced by many practitioners and I believe each school has their own ideology on how to determine facing for Condo or Apartment. The debate has always been using the door or balcony as facing and there is no straight answers to this because in some situation, they both do not apply. Yes you can but the renovations has to be extensive.

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Question from Dorothy

I was told that our home faces and offset direction (216 degrees SW1) and it was not an auspicious direction. When I take the compass directions, I get varying degrees. I have purchased three good quality compasses and tried with all three. I do not have a Lo Pan as yet. I will get 210, 216 and even 220. I have taken directions in three or more locations and have moved away from the home about 15 feet to make sure there is no electrical or magnetic influences. Have you ever encountered this and if so, what did you do? Thanks so much for your time and I hope you might answer. Best wishes always, Dorothy

Alan Answer to Dorothy

Answer to Dorothy Answer to Dorothy

I will answer your question in 2 parts.

1) there are many feng shui schools and they all have different sets of theories and formulas and hence do not need to be over worried about the comment. After living there you probably have an idea if it has been better off or worse off. The key is to know which theory they use since in feng shui there are only few proven method. For example, 8 Mansion formula is not.

2) The problem you face is very common nowadays but it can mean 2 things. Firstly, this has nothing to do with the compass but more of magnetic interference. While magnetic field is something that our grandmasters discovered can affect our lives, due to today’s door has higher content of metal component and electromagnetic fields, something that did not exist at least a thousand years back. Thus natural magnetic field plays a role in our house feng shui. It is the interference that is disturbing.

Secondly, it could mean the qi of the house is unstable. When the qi is unstable, the feng shui will be slow in getting positive effects even if you have a good door or situation varies a lot from year to year. The analysis becomes complicated.

There are a few ways that is commonly practised to overcome this problem. Some masters uses the law of averages, meaning you take at a few locations and then take the average reading to decide. Some will take it say 10-15 feet away to reduce the magnetic interference. Some will work backwards. For instance, you can use a SW1 Chart to deduce the house first then SW2 chart to deduce. which ever refers better then that is likely the chart. This is only possible if the master is experienced enough and this is the most reliable by far

Method 2 is by far the more unreliable and my reason for saying so is because we do not want to discount the effects from natural magnetic field which will give us the correct picture of the house.

For us we have our unique technique but I am unable to disclose it here.

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Question from Ann

Answer to Ann

In Feng shui, there are many layer of informations that we need to check out before a precise and clear answers can be given. For example, external landforms and birth datas of occupants etc. I can only presume for now that the measurement is correct as per Sitting N1 Facing S1.
from your description, it seems the house is not so favourable in terms of it’s layout with respect to the flying star chart.
There are ways to remedy this problem with some amount of renovation is required so that we properly sectorize the good energy and confine the bad ones as in line with the Feng shui principles of Shou Shan Chu Sha & finally to harmonize house to landforms and house to humans so the alignment of Heaven-Earth-Man is enhanced.

However, I am not able to provide a credible solution without see the property. The second solution is the damage control strategy we call exhaustion. This means we provide some exhaustion to the bad energies akin to like asking a discount for a fine or seeking lenient sentence for a crime. The down side is when certain years comes, the activation can be strong and even the this so called cure maybe overwhelmed and still the bad effects can happen. Hence I call this damage control.
You may read these 2 links on Star 5 and Star 7.
For those who like to read about buying a house can read this link:
Finally, you do not have to worry since the effect may be small due to favourable external forms that could lessen the destruction forces.
Question from Tan
Hello Master Alan,

I have a question and hope you will answer for me. From your webpage I know that copper bell is good for remedying the yearly 5 star. This year, the 5 star is at my stairs area to level 2 which I had hanged a copper bell in that area. Is it ok if it doesn’t sound as there are hardy any wind there? or should I use something to make it move?


Answer to Tan
Just use something to make it move. It will be better if it has sound.

Question from Janice

We are considering to buy a 3-storey semi detached house (newly built). You may see the attached pictures of the house façade (back and front) and the floor plan of each level.

The land/plot has an odd shape, front appear bigger than the back land.

However the built up of the house is rectangular and we really like the layout. We have viewed the house and really like it due to the floor layout and design (looks wide and bright).

The main entrance of house is facing southwest. The back of the house is facing a bungalow (bigger and taller).

Our friends have concerned that the land / plot is not good in terms of wealth accumulation. Will be good if you can advise us.


Answer to Janice

Land shape does not affect the feng shui. Don’t worry about it.

As to if it will accumulate wealth or not:

Rather the surrounding landform and how it matches the facing of the house plays a bigger role in feng shui.

SW houses has its pro and cons since it has special formation. If it is good it will be very good. If it is bad it will be worse than a standard formation.

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