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Feng Shui Paranoia

In this new age Feng Shui era, many has turned to Feng shui as form of luck booster. thus in the process many fake knowledge has creep-ed into this noble ancient art making many newbies live in fear and soon this fear turned into a paranoia.

How has this evolved? Feng Shui has been a highly guarded secret in the past and to a some extent it is still today although some masters boasted that they can buy these secrets. So most people in the past hear about Feng Shui and what it can do but have not the slighted idea of it. In order to make living out if this, they claim that they know feng shui and introduced many forms into the feng shui. Their source mainly came from cultural beliefs, some religious belief, Daoist mainly and partly own’s imagination to create a “logical” answer.

To add salt to the wound, some modern practitioners with their poor understanding of Feng shui became the new bogeyman by creating more fears into the unsuspecting online readers. I will quote a few common examples.

1. They call Sha Qi as Killing Qi but the fact is that Sha Qi is just a destructive Qi and not Killing! It’s just a sign of negative energy in the house. A poor understanding of Feng Shui terms creates unnecessary fears in the mind of the common people.

2. Electrical Pylons are called Sha Qi because its pointed. So how does being point is bad? Please explain to me. Of course if you stay too near to it , there is always a risk of accidents but again, how does the small magnetic field is going to kill you and what more if you stay say 1km away ? They just create fears due to their poor knowledge of Feng Shui.

low angle photo of gray transmission tower
Pylons are no Sha Qi

3. Gushing waters are Sha Qi such as Cutting Feet Sha or Pulling Nose Sha. Then dirty water is worse than clean water! How does the Qi differentiates dirty or clean? It may LOOK dirty to you but is it so to the Feng Shui? It may cause faulty smells which creates living discomfort and that is the exact logic they will use to say its Bad Qi! Have you noticed that many places that have such features but the business is really good ? I have seen too many of them!.

4. Having a pillar / dead tree / lamp post in front of the main door is bad. Why? Because they imagine an obstruction, something dead and as you know the word “dead” itself isnt pleasant to hear and the lamp post is imagined as a needle stuck onto the heart (fire element represents heart). They are just imagination. Why other houses lived by non Feng shui believer has no such problems? Feng Shui is does not exist depending on our believe!

5. Water will activate the Stars. So many practitioners will ask their followers to take advantage of the yearly stars. As you probably know the yearly stars changes every year their position. I still remembers a feng shui paranoia was so apprehensive about the arrival of Star 7 (malicious) going to the location of her pond after she read some online fake stuff and started to worry sick about the coming year. Its quite amazing to see how fear is being instilled by the under qualified practitioners into the lives of people making them paranoia. I guess if you worry all day for 1 year, well its a no brainer, that person will have poor luck and fall sick often!

6. Then there was a practitioner who advice his followers that star 5 in the center of the 9 palace it will control the entire house because center = central! to their imagination. Thus the advice is not to move anything in the house because it will “disturb” the bad energy and you can remedy that using 6 copper coins! Yeah, tell me that again! Its all their own imagination about the bad energy and as well as the cures! The person honestly told me that she does not allow anyone to move even the table the entire year!. So what happens if Sickness star 2 goes into the center palace? His remedy is stay less in the house! What a joke! Then I guess the ancient Emperors would have vacated the palace for 1 year or face sickness throughout the year ???? Crazy!



7. I have a client who was also a paranoia due to past readings in the internet, once send me many photos, spamming my phone just to “make sure the desk she is going to buy is feng shui compliant” and that’s only the desk ! So my readers, don’t worry about the desk design or shapes or colors. No such thing as Feng Shui Desk.

Many half baked practitioners out there are just creating fears in the minds of the people who are unsuspecting. Of course due to good marketing efforts, they always sounds and looks convincing!

addiction adult capsule capsules
Do not be a Feng Shui Paranoid – Alan Chong

Do not be a Feng Shui Paranoid! Feng Shui is just energy like Gravity acting upon us, as long we know and understand it, then we will know how to manage it and leave us stress free. Be wary of what you read over the internet because there aren’t many real knowledge.

It needs many parts to fall in place for bad things to happen thus it’s not as simple as just the arrival of Star 7 to your pond sector that you have to fill up the pond and re dig it the following year!

If you want to acquire the right knowledge, you can click this site, otherwise, just relax and enjoy Real feng shui rather than being stressed out by it. If you have queries about your property, you may contact us to check it out.