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Castle Gate Theory Part 2

Coming back to the story from Part 1, the owner decided to ask me help look for a new premise. We surveyed the area for a while and there were few choices but wasn’t very good. Why this first step is so important? Listen to this video.

Then we chanced upon an empty lot which was a laundry business that went bust. So my client was rather apprehensive since the last owner did not make it, would it be wise for her to trust my advice to take up this unit?

She decided to take that leap of faith and decided to rent the shop as per my advice. After I studied the formation surrounding this property, I selected the perfect formation that would be great for both Wealth as well as Human Factor.

Following my advice, she did everything I asked her to do to the tee, from the doors, tables, sitting position etc.

It was in end of February 2018 they moved into the shop according to the auspicious date but they only started business there full force after March 2018. April went by, May was the Malaysia 14th General Elections where Malaysia saw a change in government for the first time since independence, which is about 61 years.

The Feng Shui Formation

What I have chosen for this shop is the Castle Gate Formation because this formation fits well for this shop. While there are few versions of Castle Gate theory in the market, only the real knowledge will lead to the predicted results.

Castle Gate Theory formation is not a very well understood method but if one knows how to use it appropriately, it can be a very effective means of enhancing wealth. Oh yes this a Sitting East Facing West property!

This reinforces the truth that not only South Facing property are good but it is the skill of the master that enable any direction property to be able to enjoy good Feng Shui or otherwise.

June went by without much news because the big news came in July when a sudden influx of new customers not one, not two but few and this means a lot for a trading business because each client will have a good chance to repeat purchases. The owner was very surprised since she did not advertise and they were not referred customers.

The owner was very delighted and truly amazed!. Fast forward to November, the influx of customers is still good and they even now have customers from other states!, much to their amazement. What is best is that the staff seems to be more proactive and less on medical leave. The working atmosphere also seems to be more lively. This is a testimony that any property can enjoy both Good Wealth and Good Human Factors and only Real masters knows how to.

Is this the work of Feng Shui? Skeptics may doubt it but at least my client and myself are truly delighted. What ever that was paid for the consulting fees and renovation, kind a paid for itself. (I can only share this story on this blog because the client told me this during a catch up session)

Real Feng Shui is what keeps me motivated….



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